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May 15

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Page 38 of 55 GOOD FRUIT GROWER MAY 15, 2014 39 Most are darker with higher sugar content and more flavor than the more familiar Montmorency. "A common mistake of new growers is to harvest Carmine Jewel cherries while they are still red, instead of waiting for much higher qual- ity fruit when they are black," Bors said. "A key part of our work is to track the varieties through the growing season, measuring color and fruit quality so that growers will know when to harvest their fruit." In addition to the named varieties, this study involves ten advanced selections. He is working through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to build the supply of certified virus-free wood. He is also working with Gardens Alive, a nursery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, which serves both commercial growers and home gardeners. "They're selling 20,000 to 40,000 trees a year," he said. "We're building each year." • Spin Weeders are a unique & effective means of cultivation and weed control. This innovative de- sign focuses on eliminating plant damage which is common with hydraulic blade in-row cultivators. To eliminate plant damage the spin weeder is equipped with 18" diameter wheels which run in a counter clockwise rotation and create a soil buffer between the wheel and the plant. Additional crop protection is achieved with an adjustable spring loaded retraction system. Spin Weeders control weeds without the use of chemicals. CONTACT US FOR A FREE VIDEO OF THE SPIN WEEDER! 800.426.2009 HIGH SPEED VINEYARD WEED CONTROL The New Generation of Mechanical Weed Control Developed by Washington Grape Grower Dave Kohler Effective Weed Control Without Chemicals zWeeder wheels can be angled IRUUDLVHGEHUPVRUÀDWJURXQG zEliminates Vine Damage zLower Maintenance Costs zHelps eliminate rodent tunnels in the berm zTills & weeds 2" deep zOperates effectively between 4-7 MPH zNew Patent Pending Ground Drive Weeding System zEffective Weed Control Without Chemicals "We're building each year." —Bob Bors These are the six Romance sour cherry varieties that are available now for planting. The fruit is deep red, sweet- cherry-like in color, much darker than the industry standard Montmorency.

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