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May 15

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APPLES on BUD 118 s "LONDEE ® APPLES on BUD 9 s &AMEUSE (Snow Apple) APPLES on EMLA 7 s !UVIL %ARLY &UJI ® s "LONDEE ® s *ONAFREE© s "ELLA© s /REGON 3PUR ® )) 2ED $ELICIOUS APPLES on EMLA 106 s /REGON 3PUR ® )) 2ED $ELICIOUS s "ANNING 2ED &UJI© s #HRISOLYN© 2ED *ONATHAN APPLES on EMLA 111 s !DAMS !PPLE ® 2ED $ELICIOUS s !RKANSAS "LACK s 'ALE 'ALA ® s 'INGER 'OLD ® s -ACOUN s %ARLY 2ED /NE© $ELICIOUS s 3CARLET 3PUR )) 2ED $ELICIOUS s 3UPER #HIEF ® 2ED $ELICIOUS s 2UBY *ON© s 3NAPP© 2ED 3TAYMAN APPLES on EMLA 26 s 2ED #AMEO© CHERRIES on Gisela ® 12 s ,APINS s 3KEENA CHERRIES on Gisela ® 6 s #HELAN© s #RYSTALINA© s 3ANTINA© CHERRIES on Krymsk 6 s "ING CHERRIES on Mazzard s "ING s "LACK'OLD© s "LACK 2EPUBLICAN s "LACK 9ORK s $ANUBE ® s (EDELFINGEN s (UDSON s *UBILEUM ® s 2YNBRANDT s 3CHNEIDER s 3TELLA s 3UNSET "ING ® APRICOTS on Seedling s #HINESE s 'OLDRICH s 'OLDSTRIKE© s 0ERFECTION s 2IVAL PEACHES on Seedling s !NGELUS s "ELLE OF 'EORGIA s "LUSHINGSTAR ® s %ARLY %LBERTA s %ARLY 2EDHAVEN s %LBERTA s 'LORIA s ,ORING s -ADISON s &LAMIN &URY ® 0& ,UCKY s &LAMIN &URY ® 0& n # #OLDHARDY s &LAMIN &URY ® 0& n s 2ED 'LOBE s 2EDSTAR ® s 2ELIANCE PLUMS & PRUNES on Seedling s "LACK !MBER 0LUM s %ARLY )TALIAN 0RUNE s %LEPHANT (EART 0LUM s %MPRESS 0LUM s &RIAR 0LUM s 'REEN 'AGE 0LUM s )TALIAN 0RUNE s .9 0LUM s 3ATSUMA 0LUM s 3HIRO 0LUM s 3TANLEY 0RUNE NECTARINES on Seedling s !RCTIC 'LO© s &IREBRIGHT s &LAVORTOP s )NDEPENDENCE s 2ED 'OLD CALL TOLL-FREE TODAY! Blondee ® Blondee ® Stanley Stanley Early Italian Prune Early Italian Prune Gale Gala ® Gale Gala ® Rival Rival Flamin' Fury ® PF - 24C Flamin' Fury ® PF - 24C These DORMANT Varieties are Still Available for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! *Visit our website for Complete Cultivar, Variety and Plant Patent Information. …or contact your nearest Van Well Nursery Representative Banning Red Fuji™ Banning Red Fuji™ Chelan™ Chelan™ Red Cameo™ Red Cameo™ Redstar ® Redstar ® Bing Bing BlackGold™ BlackGold™ Blushingstar ® Blushingstar ® Independence Independence Friar Friar Goldstrike™ Goldstrike™ Van Well Nursery Field Staff

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