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StateWays Q Q May/June 2014 10 By Cheryl Ursin T he Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD), the goal is to provide "world-class customer service," said Jeff Anderson, ISLD director and incoming chairman of the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA). "That's the very least our citizens deserve from us." Since becoming ISLD director in 2010, Anderson has been implementing a modernization campaign of the division's 66 state stores, called iMod. "It's really consumer-focused," he said. One prong of the campaign is to have "the right product at the right place," Anderson explained. Working with suppliers, the ISLD is looking at its different markets, rural in Northern Idaho and upscale and urban in Southern Idaho, and at the marketing, merchandising and shelf- sets of products in individual stores, "really drilling down into product sets," Anderson said, to have the optimum selection of products at each individual store, with a focus on premium and super-premium products. "The effects have been astounding and measurable," said Anderson. "Our customers are not drinking more but they are drinking better." According to the ISLD's 2013 Annual Report, while sales volume in the state was up 4%, sales in dollars was up 7% and net income was up 8%. The ISLD generated over $60 million for the state in 2013. The iMod campaign has also upgraded the look of Idaho's state stores. New four-sided shelving units, JeɈ Anderson, Director of the Idaho State Liquor Division and NABCA Chairman, has made "Caring for the Customer" the theme of his upcoming NABCA Chairmanship. PROFILE: Jeffrey Anderson, NABCA CHAIRMAN Key executives at the Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD) include, from left, Tony Faraca, Chief Deputy Director, Finance & Human Resources; Jon Spence, Deputy Director, IT & Security; Kay Bennett, Manager, Education, Procurement, & Distribution; Howard Wasserstein, Deputy Director, Procurement, Distribution, & Retail; and Jeff Anderson, Director of the ISLD.

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