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The home heating oil industry has a long and proud history, and Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. It is an industry that has faced many challenges during that time. In its 77th year, Fuel Oil News is doing more than just holding

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AmericAn Lung AssociAtion's "stAte of the Air 2014" report recognizes contributions of cLeAn DieseL The Diesel Technology Forum issued the fol- lowing statement regarding the recent "State of the Air 2014" report by the American Lung Association. Today's report by the American Lung Association finds that nearly half of all Americans live in counties in the U.S. where ozone or particulate emission levels are meeting EPA clean air standards. ALA singles out cleaner diesel fleets as one of two main contributors to that success for par- ticulate emissions. Cleaner power plants were also identified as a key contributor. "We're pleased that the American Lung Association recognizes clean diesel technology as one of the key reasons for the air quality improvements," said Allen Schaeffer, the executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum. "Engine and equip- ment makers together with fuel refiners and emissions control technology companies made significant investments to produce this new generation of clean diesel technol- ogy with near zero levels of emissions. It is rewarding to see the benefits of this work reflected in the quality of our environment. "The diesel industry is building on these accomplishments and now increasingly focused on producing near zero emissions technology that also is more efficient and has lower greenhouse gas emissions as well." Schaeffer said since 2007, the intro- duction of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel has enabled significant strides in diesel engine technology that today result in near zero particulate emissions. For example: • It would take more than 60 of 2014 model year tractor-trailer clean diesel trucks to equal the particulate emissions of one 1988 model diesel truck. • In California, researchers at University of California-Riverside found that twice as many particulate emissions now come from charbroiling hamburgers than come from on-road diesel vehicles. • In Southern California this year more particulate emissions come from brake dust and tire wear than from diesel trucks. "This clean diesel technology is now found in fuel efficient passenger cars to the full range of commercial trucks and buses and most recently to construction equipment and engines used for power generation and other industrial activities," Schaeffer said. "The new diesel trucks, cars, buses and off-road engines have reduced particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 95% in the past two decades." As of 2012, nearly one-third of all com- mercial trucks on the road in the U.S. were 2007 or newer generation technology, which delivers the near zero particulate emissions benefits. Nearly 12% are also near zero emissions for nitrogen oxides — a key precursor to ozone formation. To learn more about the ALA "State of the Air 2014" report go to http://www.lung. org/about-us/our-impact/top-stories/state- of-the-air-2014-top-story.html Api prAises committee Vote to speeD up nAturAL gAs exports API President and CEO Jack Gerard wel- comed the April 30 vote on legislation to fast-track U.S. exports of liquefied natural gas. The measure, H.R. 6, was approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee. "The case for natural gas exports is clear, and Congress is ready to see those benefits flow to U.S. workers," said Gerard. "America is now the world's top producer of natural gas, and opening the doors to trade will allow us to harness that power on the international stage while bringing home thousands of jobs and growing our economy. We welcome the committee's work to make LNG exports a priority, and we are optimistic that members will come together on bipartisan efforts to lock-in America's trade advantage and strengthen our position as an energy superpower." API is the only national trade associa- tion representing all facets of the oil and natural gas industry, which supports 9.8 million U.S. jobs and 8 percent of the U.S. economy. senAte pAneL ADVAnces bioDieseL tAx incentiVe The National Biodiesel Board called on Congress to act quickly on tax legislation recently, after the Senate Finance Committee passed a package of tax provisions including an extension of the biodiesel tax incentive. The $1-per-gallon incentive for biod- iesel expired on Dec. 31, 2013. Biodiesel is an EPA-designated advanced biofuel made from a variety of resources including soy- bean oil, recycled cooking oil and animal fats. Congress also allowed the biodiesel incentive to expire in 2010 and 2012. The bill, to date only passed in commit- tee, would reinstate the biodiesel incentive retroactively to Jan. 1, 2014, and extend it through the end of 2015. The incentive also covers renewable aviation fuel and renew- able diesel, a similar diesel alternative. www.fueloilnews.com | fueL oiL neWs | June 2014 3 DATELINE • American Lung Association Recognizes Contributions of Clean Diesel • API Praises Committee Vote to Speed up Natural Gas Exports • Senate Panel Advances Biodiesel Tax Incentive • Obituary: Jim Howells STATES - pg 10 • Education Opportunities FUELS/EIA - pg 12 • Biodiesel Producers Hit Hard by Policy Uncertainty Natural Gas Output up 0.8% in April: Platts' Bentek Energy • Genscape Launches New York Harbor Storage Report • EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook Highlights • EIA 2013 Commodities Report BUSINESS OpErATIONS - pg 24 • Sprague Receives Safety Awards • Fidelity ® Analysis Reveals Retirement Contributions on the Rise HVAC/HyDrONICS - pg 35 • EIA Report: Extending Residential Energy Policies Affects Some End Uses More than Others • Ground Source Heat Pumps Focus of Technical Program Track at ASHRAE 2014 Annual Conference • Court Vacates DOE Furnace Rule Featured News DateliNe BREAkING NEwS

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