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Lawn and Garden Special Advertising Section Sustainable Sanctuaries By Rebecca Sonnentag Beautiful landscaping shows an appreciation for your surroundings and these cutting-edge materials will help you design landscaping projects while keeping the earth in mind Low Impact Landscaping Concrete landscape products can also shape yards and proper- ties into environmentally friendly havens. Few materials are more natural ingredients than the sand, rock and water that comprises concrete. Select locally manufactured products made with regional materials and recycled content. With their combined aesthet- ics and longevity, concrete landscape products withstand harsh weather, varying climates and the test of time. Concrete won’t rust, melt or rot, so products don’t end up in landfills. With their lasting durability, concrete products can reduce labor and maintenance costs. This leads to beautiful neighborhoods and a greater oppor- tunity to enjoy natural surroundings. Concrete pavers and retaining walls are versatile for multiple functions. A low garden wall can enclose a planting bed and serve as a cozy seat wall to define an outdoor room. If your landscape designs change, previously installed hardscape products can be reused and incorporated into fresher plans. Organic Jointing Materials Organic jointing materials are suited for use with concrete paver patios or flagstone steppers. Jointing materials with an organic, biologically based binder are activated by water to form a glue- like gel that offers self-healing properties. When dry, paver joints harden to minimize erosion, prevent ants and inhibit weed growth while giving strength to patios or driveways. When wet, the jointing materials flex with settling ground or frost movement to prevent and repair cracking. Sustainable Storm Water Management Before subdivisions covered the land, rainwater fell on meadows and forests and percolated naturally into the soil. Today, perme- able paver systems are utilized to help return storm water to the water table, rather than draining off quickly. When used for walkways, patios and driveways in place of other traditional non- pervious surfaces, permeable paver systems slow storm water runoff and capture it to filtrate between paver joints into sub base materials. The base materials help filter out pollutants and ensure cleaner water bodies for fishing, swimming and drinking. Perme- able pavers are also ideal for parking areas, boat landings and low-traffic residential streets. Rebecca Sonnentag is the marketing manager with County Materials Corporation. For more information call (800) 601- 2889 or visit Enhancing the Faces of Living Spaces Visit County Materials today and choose from our large selection of beautiful and long-lasting building, remodeling and landscaping products. Inside and out, County Materials can help you create a home with inviting living spaces that refl ect your personality and lifestyle. Proud to be American based & American made Madison (West) Showroom: 6399 Nesbitt Road (608) 845-8636 Madison (East) : 3725 Lexington Ave. (608) 244-1381 38 Entrances • Patios • Driveways • Outdoor Kitchens • Brick & Stone Veneers • Garden Walls • Fireplaces • Steps • Terraces • Walkways • Waterfalls May 2011 BRAVA Magazine

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