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10 BRAVA MAGAZINE | JULY 2014 Kate Bast Editor-in-Chief RELATE JULY 2014 $3.95 BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM women + style + substance + MICHELLE WILDGEN Author of summer's most delicious read, "Bread & Butter" Eat Drink Savor THE FOODIE ISSUE Chefs' market recipes, ice cream, craft beer, food cart faves & more ON THE COVER To market we will go. Photograph by Bobbi Petersen. A FOODIE'S TOWN I AM ONE OF THOSE annoying foodie tourists—the kind accused of not being INTHEMOMENTFORTHEIRMEˬL*HˬVEˬS MˬNYPHOTOSOFDISHES*mVEORDEREDNEˬR ˬNDFˬRˬSMYHUSBˬNDDOESOFTHEǠSH HEmSCˬUGHT8HEN*LOOKˬTTHEIMˬGES *CONJURETHESEFOODSrYES*ˬCTUˬLLYDO RECˬLLVIBRˬNTSˬFFRONPISTILSˬǢOˬTINˬ delicate sea of bouillabaisse at my 40th birthday dinner on a trip to Napa with MYSISTER*ˬLSOCONJURETHEMOMENTS SPENTWITHTHOSEWHOPˬRTˬKEGˬTHER ing memories like recipe cards to stow for FUTURESˬVORING .ˬDISON 4OURDOUGHmS ǢˬKY PERFEC TIONOFˬBLUEBERRY%ˬNISH/EˬRLYEVERY Farmers' Market Saturday possible with MYSWEETSMYHUBBYˬNDKIDSSINCEˬS LONGˬSTHEYCˬNREMEMBER&ˬCHBITEWITH powdered sugar catches in my throat like THECLUTCHOFEMOTION*FEELFORMYFˬMILY A peppery burn of a fresh arugula mo- JITO4ERVEDWITHLˬUGHTERˬNDLIFETˬLES INMYKITCHENWITHˬFˬVORITEFRIENDJUST RETURNEDTHEWˬRMTHOFˬBONDKINDLED Sipping Lillet—with a twist of or- ˬNGErDEVOURINGTHEǠREROˬSTEDFREE RˬNGECHICKENTHˬTHˬDJUSTBEENCULLED ˬNDDRESSEDFROMTHEǢOCKEˬRLIERTHˬT DˬY8ESˬTRIDGETOPINTHEFERTILELˬND ˬT'RˬNK-LOYD8RIGHTmSHEˬRTˬTˬTHEN SECRETˬLFRESCORESTˬURˬNT"SLOWCOOK OFˬNEVENINGWEINCHEDTOWˬRDMISER ˬBLYLˬTEFOROUR"MERICˬN1LˬYERSŀ EˬTRE PLˬYUNˬBLETOTEˬROURSELVESFROMTHE PINKRIBBONSDECORˬTINGTHESKYORTHE SˬVORYCONVERSˬTIONˬMONGGOODFRIENDS "NDNOWWITHONEOFTHEMDEˬRLYDE PˬRTED*SEETHˬTITWˬSˬLLWITHGOOD MEˬSUREˬMEˬLˬRICHLYRENDEREDMEM ORYSOMETHINGTOLINGEROVER 4O OPEN THESE PˬGES ˬND CONNECTr WITHˬLLTHˬTMˬKESTHISTOWNNOTJUSTˬ MERRYMEˬLBUTˬCONTINUˬLFEˬST PRAY TELL! Because we know you have an opinion. Cast your vote for Madison's best in BRAVA's Raves & Faves survey. Look for the survey link in your BRAVA Blast and online at WOMEN TO WATCH Nominate a remarkable Madison woman for BRAVA's 2014 Women to Watch awards. We're looking for women who are making things happen in their careers, in our community—and beyond. Watch your BRAVA Blast or visit for the link to the nomination form. GET BRAVA BLAST? If not, don't keep missing out! Sign up today at and you'll get the fi rst word on exciting BRAVA events and special off ers.

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