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JULY 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 39 FROM FARM TO CHEF'S BASKET TO YOUR TABLE BY ANNA THOMAS BATES | PHOTOGRAPHED BY BOBBI PETERSEN To Market Wisconsin's growing season is short, but come July there's no place a good cook would rather be but elbows' deep in bundles of emerald-green herbs, musky tomatoes, slim jewel-toned EGGPLˬNTSˬNDHEˬDYBERRIESOVERǢOWINGFROMFˬRMCRˬTESˬT local markets. Ingredients this fresh need little help transform- ing into your next meal's centerpiece—but we asked some of the Capitol Square's most talented chefs for their farm-to-table ideas anyway, strolling the downtown market with them on a DRIZZLYSUMMERDˬYTOSEEJUSTWHˬTǠLLEDTHEIRBˬSKETS And what did? A tantalizing Wisconsin bounty: scarlet rad- ishes, tiny strawberries, honey, creamy feta, goat cheese, slender pink rhubarb, a chubby watermelon and piles of verdant herbs. Make like these savvy, seasonally inspired chefs and highlight SUMMERmSǢEETINGˬBUNDˬNCEINSIMPLEDISHESTHˬTˬLLOWTHE STUNNINGINGREDIENTSTOSHINEŀEYmLLTELLYOUˬLLYOUNEEDISˬFEW key staples to prepare market-driven, restaurant-quality dishes all summer. And they've divulged personal recipes, just in case you need fresh inspiration.

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