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46 BRAVA MAGAZINE | JULY 2014 Let's face it, chicks in Wisconsin dig beer. Lucky for us, with more than 160 brews on tap from local craft breweries in the Madison area alone, it's beer heaven—but what's a gal to order? Madison brew fraus divulge. So, in a toast to summer, develop your local craft brew palate and sample their favorite beers and pairings. BREW FRAUS & BEER TIPS VANESSA LEBERT Event coordinator at Wisconsin Brewing Company and a former brewer The best way to stop drinking the same old brew and start with new flavors is to enjoy brewery tastings and samplings at bars. Just don't tie yourself down to tasting one particular style, she says. ROBYN KLINGE Former bartender at Vintage Brewing Co., and the founder of both Madison Craft Beer Week and local enthusiast group Females Enjoying Microbrews (FEMS) Staying open-minded is most important when selecting samples. "Don't assume, because you don't like one particular beer, it means you won't like any of them," she says. "I usually encourage people to think about what flavors they like outside of beer—coffee, grapefruit, chocolate—then I try to find a beer that's in a flavor profile they like." ABBY BARTLETT Certified cicerone—a beer- serving expert designation, similar to that of wine sommelier—and marketing manager with Wisconsin Distributors Her rules for pairing are to match strengths between beer and dish, find harmonies in your beer and food (serve oyster stout with oysters), and seek contrast in your beer and food (carbonation cuts, not enhances, fat). SAISON "A good summer drinking beer," says LeBert, this Belgium- inspired, farmhouse-style pale ale is brewed with orange peels. Bartlett pairs it with: A soft cheese, such as camembert—the sweet malty notes and spices draw the earthy, milky flavors forward. Local favorites: Beer biases aside, LeBert enjoys Wisconsin Brewing Company's Zenith and also, with Klinge, recommends Hibiscus Saison— a tart, pink effervescent recipe Klinge created for Vintage Brewing Co. INDIA PALE ALE (IPA) A hopped-up version of pale ale. "I really like hoppy beers on hot days—the crisp dryness of them is just really nice when it's so hot outside," says Klinge. Bartlett pairs it with: Spicy foods, which have a similar flavor. Local favorites: Klinge chooses Ale Asylum's Ballistic, LeBert touts Karben4's fresh, fruity Fantasy Factory. 46 BRAVA MAGAZINE | JULY 2014 A GAL'S GUIDE TO LOCAL CRAFT BEER BY CANDICE WAGENER WHAT'S ON TAP

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