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JULY 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 47 PORTER A dark-style, well-hopped beer made from brown malt that's typically thought of as a winter brew—but there are exceptions. LeBert pairs it with: "Any chocolate thing you can think of," thanks to its nice carbonation. Local favorite: LeBert and Klinge both fall for Wisconsin Brewing Company's Porter Joe, which includes a dash of Barriques coffee and anise flavors, as a not-too-heavy, drinkable beer for summer. FRUITY Usually an ale brewed with real fruit, extracts, syrup or flavor added, which dominate the hidden malt flavor and a low hop bitterness. Bartlett pairs it with: a spring mix salad with blue cheese, walnuts, a citrus topping like orange and a bright raspberry vinaigrette. Local favorite: LeBert recommends New Glarus Brewery's Raspberry Tart, brewed with Wisconsin wheat and Oregon raspberries fermented in oak vats. WITBIER A wheat beer with a slightly hoppy, sometimes sour flavor that's typically flavored with some type of spice or plant. Klinge pairs it with: Ethnic eats such as Thai food or sushi. Local favorites: LeBert suggests Vintage's Jinja Ninja, a ginger-laced witbier, saying, "I love the way that it complements the hops—ginger is just a really interesting flavor." JULY 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 47 Try these beer-related organizations, events and ideas. FEMS: Females Enjoying Microbrews meets monthly around Madison for a beer education forum with tastings, food pairings and sudsy topics for women who like beer. Founder Robyn Klinge says, "There's this misconception that beer is a man's drink, a working-class drink," adding the stereotype of a bartender assumingly handing a woman the wine list. Since 2012, the group, turning around that misconception, has grown from 30 to almost 300 members of all ages. Email or visit FEMs Facebook page. DIY: Want to craft your own? Klinge recommends visiting Madison's Wine and Hop Shop on Monroe Street or Brew and Grow on Williamson Street, or joining the Madison Home Brewers and Tasters Guild, all of which offer a plethora of home brewing resources. HOP HEAD BEER TOURS: Enjoy bus and bike tours of several local breweries. Don't be fooled—this is not a party bus, but a fun, educational way to learn more about our region's craft beer offerings. For more local brewery tours and events, visit CRAVING MORE?

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