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54 BRAVA MAGAZINE | JULY 2014 THINK LOCAL FIRST DANE BUY LOCAL | Advertisement ART FOR YOUR FEET These heeled sandals, made in Spain by The Art Company, have a delightful mix of sassy color, eye-catching pattern and classic style. ;OL`NVZTVV[OS`MYVTHKH`PU[OLVMÄJL[VHUPNO[VU[OL[V^U Cornblooms Hilldale, Madison (608) 238-9282 100% NATURAL AND AWARD-WINNING SKINCARE Nontoxic, premium skin and hair care handmade in fresh batches, ^P[OV\[HZPUNSLKYVWVMZ`U[OL[PJJOLTPJHSZ6YNHUPJPUNYLKPLU[Z active elements and radiant results. It's fresh. It's sumptuous. It's LMMLJ[P]L0[»Z[PTL[VNL[NSV^PUN Qet Botanicals Cross Plains, WI Available online and at select locations. Support your local businesses. QUALITY EYE CARE. QUALITY EYEWEAR. *VTWYLOLUZP]LL`LL_HTZMVY`V\YMHTPS`7YV\K[VILSVJHSS`V^ULK MVY`LHYZ;^VJVU]LUPLU[4HKPZVUSVJH[PVUZ*HSSVYTHRLHU online appointment today! Eye Contact-West | (608) 833-3937 7428 Mineral Point Rd., Madison Eye Contact-East | (608) 241-3737 4228 East Towne Blvd., Madison CUSTOM HANDMADE JEWELRY ([[OL1L^LSLYZ>VYRZOVW`V\^VYRVULVUVUL^P[OV\YKLZPNULYZ [VJYLH[L\UPX\LOHUKJYHM[LKQL^LSY` Jewelers Workshop 301 N. Sherman Ave., Madison (608) 251-7705 CHRYSALIS JEWELRY: HELP STRENGTHEN YOUR LIFE'S SPIRITUAL JOURNEY Each tag has a special meaning to attract positive energy PU[V`V\YSPML>LHY[OLTHSVULVYZ[HJR[OLT[VIYPUNNVVK fortune into your life. LuAnders 7432 Mineral Point Rd., Madison (608) 827-8270

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