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JULY 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 55 DANE BUY LOCAL | Advertisement CALLING CURLY HAIR TYPES! >LHYL4HKPZVU»ZJLY[PÄLK+L]H*\YSJ\[[PUNZWLJPHSPZ[Z*\YS`OHPY ULLKZ[VIL[YLH[LKKPMMLYLU[S`[OHUV[OLYOHPY[L_[\YLZ4LU[PVU BRAVA and receive VIP pricing on all DevaCurl products! Be Inspired Salon 425 S. Yellowstone Dr., Madison (608) 271-2771 CELEBRATE SUMMER TOGETHER :\TTLYJLSLIYH[PVUZILNPUH[[OL[HISL4HRL`V\YNH[OLYPUNZZWLJPHS by bringing home locally raised, grass-fed and organic meats— O\THULS`YHPZLKHUKOHY]LZ[LK^P[OYLZWLJ[ The Conscious Carnivore Shorewood Shopping Center 3236 University Ave., Suite A, Madison (608) 709-1418 STYLE PLUS SIZE Z.Bella Boutique specializes in ^VTLU»ZJSV[OPUNZPaLZHUK up. Visit us today for the best selection of plus-size fashion in the area from brands such as Full Figured Fashionista, Nic & Zoe, Karen Kane, Lucky Brand, Comfy USA and more. Located Q\Z[VMM[OLILS[SPULPUKV^U[V^U 4PKKSL[VU Z.Bella Boutique 1903 Cayuga St., Suite 101, Middleton (608) 827-8700 CONTEMPORARY FURNISHINGS FOR EVERY BUDGET @V\OH]L[OLZWHJLHUK9\IPU»ZOHZ^OH[`V\ULLK[VÄSSP[*OLJR V\[V\Y^PKLZLSLJ[PVUVMX\HSP[`M\YUPZOPUNZMVYL]LY`I\KNL[-YVT JVSVYM\SHYLHY\NZ[VJ\Z[VTTHKLM\YUP[\YLV\YKLZPNULYZ^PSSTHRL your dream room a reality! Ask about our complimentary in-home design services. Rubin's Contemporary Furniture 317 E. Wilson St., Madison | (608) 255-8998 670 S. Whitney Way, Madison | (608) 274-5575 A UNIQUE TASTING EXPERIENCE! 6PSZ=PULNHYZ:WPYP[Z3PX\L\YZ>PULZ Vom Fass Shorewood Shopping Center 3248 University Ave., Madison (608) 204-0300 THINK LOCAL FIRST

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