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64 BRAVA MAGAZINE | JULY 2014 GO+DO SAVOR PHOTOS BY MATTHEW ENGELHART (BELOW) GLUTEN-FREE FAVES THE DISH SWEET BITES Chicken Kabob: Bunky's Substitute rice for more vegetables to go gluten free, yet keep the flavor. Tender pieces of chicken, marinated then slow roasted, pair perfectly with grilled onion, bell pepper and tomatoes. A house-made hummus and yogurt sauce, and a side salad with zippy Italian dressing make this meal a steal at $10. 2425 Atwood Ave., Madison. Steak Frites: Jacs The flavor of this entrée is worth every penny. A 12-ounce NY Strip is cooked any way you'd like, with black cherry-Cabernet pan sauce spooned over top and a pat of garlic-herb compound butter. Brussels sprouts and frites round out the massive meal—easy enough to share with a gluten free friend! $27. 2611 Monroe St., Madison. Feta Dill Burger: Monty's Blue Plate Diner Vacation in Greece with this charbroiled burger for less than the cost of a plane ticket. Kalamata olive tapénade, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, and feta-dill sauce make it a mess to eat, but that's the way it should be! For a $1.50 extra, they'll sandwich your patty between gluten- free bread. 2089 Atwood Ave., Madison. –Corey Dane, Madison's community director for ICE CREAM FOR GROWN-UPS The latest canvas for foodies? Ice cream. Try these dense, ultra flavorful blends from Calliope Ice Cream, Madison's newest purveyor. They'll linger long on your palate. Hot Peanut Butter: Enjoy garlic and chili with yours? This take on peanut sauce is instant-addiction guaranteed. Mexican Hot Chocolate: A summer treat with a little heat thanks to a rich blend of cinna- mon, cardamom and, yes, white and chipotle peppers. Brandy Old Fashioned: Wisconsin's signature drink in sweetly delicious dessert form, a hint of brandy included. Graham Cracker: Reminiscent of campfires and childhood, with delec- table graham cracker flecks dunked in cream. Screaming for more: Due out this fall are Lemon Lavender, infused with extract and actual flowers, and Hearty Breakfast with bacon, French Toast Old Sugar Distillery's Queen Jenny whiskey. We asked Madison food cart maven Kailey Bender, one of the gals behind the blog Madison Street Eats, to divulge her favorite menu items—and where to find them. Order up! Deep-fried Oreo from Fried and Fabulous. Capitol Square (days), Let's Eat Out Madison food cart events (evenings; events listed on Let's Eat Out Madison's Facebook page). Strawberry Love Salad from Good Food. Capitol Square Farmers' Market. Homemade potato chips from Slide. Capitol Square (days), Let's Eat Out Madison food cart events (evenings). Guacamole at El Burrito Loco. Capitol Square (days). Mac and cheese dumplings from SoHo Gourmet Cuisine. Capitol Square, Farmers' Market (days); Let's Eat Out Madison food cart events and other venues (evenings). Sweet plantain empanada from Caracas Empanadas. Library Mall, Farmers' Market, and other venues (days). Falafel from Banzo. Library Mall, Union South, Capitol Square, or Farmers' Market (days); storefront on Sherman Avenue. STREET EATS What to do with the sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke? According to MaryAnn Bellazzini of Campo di Bella farm, cook them like a potato. Parboil, sauté with mushrooms and onions, and finish with truffle oil. Voila! For more CSA recipes visit IN YOUR CSA BOX INGREDIENT

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