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72 BRAVA MAGAZINE | JULY 2014 GO+DO CATALYST PHOTOGRAPHED BY PAUL TOEPFER DOUG PINK SEEMED to have it all. He TRIPLED THE SIZE OF THE FˬMILY PROPˬNE business, Charter Fuels, in Lancaster, Wis., and built his dream house with his high school sweetheart and wife of 37 YEˬRS-U"NNEŀ EYHˬDJUSTRETURNED from a two-week trip to Hawaii when their world fell apart. Last March, while driving, Doug had a SEIZURETHˬTSENTHIMTOTHEHOSPITˬLŀ E news was devastating: stage 4 glioblasto- ma (brain cancer). Surgery, chemothera- py and radiation treatments ensued, but EVENTUˬLLYHEWˬSJUSTˬLLOWEDTOGOHOME )EPˬSSEDˬWˬYLESSTHˬNǠVEMONTHSˬFTER the diagnosis. Glioblastoma multiforme is an aggres- sive brain tumor that is the most malig- nant of brain tumors, according to the National Brain Tumor Society. It's also one of the most prevalent brain tumor types in adults, accounting for 16 per- cent of primary tumor types. Research is ONTHECUSPOFSIGNIǠCˬNTDISCOVERIESTHˬT will alter current diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic treatments. After Doug's death, the Pink family sought a way to make sure other families wouldn't have to experience the same heartache and loss. "We were surprised that there are no fundraising events in Wisconsin for glio- blastoma research. So, we started our own," LuAnne says. New to fundraising events, the fam- ily let their—and Doug's—passion guide THEM%OUGWˬSˬVERYǠTYEˬROLD He loved participating in running and cycling events with his three children. 4ONS+EFFREYˬND.ˬTTHEWJOINEDHIMˬT the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival (a bike race) in Cable. Daughter, Hillary, ran WITHHIMIN.ˬDISONmS$RˬZYLEGS$LˬSSIC the Berbee Derby and the Color Me Rad 3UNŀ EFˬMILYENJOYEDYEˬRLYSKITRIPS to Colorado. ŀ E1INKSSETTLEDONˬFˬMILIˬRFˬMILY EVENTˬNDTHUSŀ E%OUGLˬS.1INK, Run/Walk for Glioblastoma Research was born. It kicks off this month at Elver Park in Madison. Money raised will go to the National Brain Tumor Society earmarked FOR GLIOBLˬSTOMˬ RESEˬRCH ŀ E FˬMILYmS GOˬLISPˬRTICIPˬNTSˬND Friends, family and co-workers have rallied to help with the event. Doug's sib- LINGSWILLBETHEREFROM$OLORˬDOHISǠVE grandchildren will lead the event in stroll- ers and on foot, and I'll be there, too. You see, Doug was my brother-in-law. July 12 | 9 a.m. DOUGLAS M. PINK 5K RUN/WALK FOR GLIO- BLASTOMA RESEARCH Head to the fi nish line at your own pace to help fi ght the deadliest form of brain cancer. Elver Park, Madison. ON A MISSION: NONPROFIT EVENTS July 31 | 4 p.m. FOOTBALL 101 Join UW coach Gary Andersen and his players for a seminar, stadium tour and more at this Susan G. Komen fundraiser. Camp Randall, Madison. July 31- Aug. 3 | times vary ACT RIDE Feel the burn and raise AIDS awareness on this four-day, 300-mile ride across South Central Wisconsin. Machinery Row Bicycles, Madison. MAKING A MOVE TO HELP FIGHT BRAIN CANCER BY AMY CARLSON, NBC 15 NEWS ANCHOR To help fi ght the deadliest form of brain cancer, Doug Pink's (center) family launched The Douglas M. Pink 5K Memorial Run/Walk for Glioblatoma Research this month.

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