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August 2014

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Page 58 of 63 GOOD FRUIT GROWER AUGUST 2014 59 GOOD DEALS… products and services for progressive growers New articles appearing daily. The Good Fruit Grower is available online as a PDF fl ipbook. FREE ESTIMATES FOR ORCHARD REMOVAL / RENEWAL / EXCAVATION Serving farmers for over 30 years •Pull—Pile—Burn •All Excavation Types •Immediate Deep Replant Ripping BOB MEYER / FMF EXCAVATION 509-848-2550 • 509-949-2601 Win the race against time with an AED. (AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR ) $1650 $1095 509-901-1662 A DIVISION OF WILSON ORCHARD & VINEYARD SUPPLY • Leading AED manufacturers available • Battery and pad replacement • Accessories • Discount on multiple purchases • AED management assistance Each minute defibrillation is delayed, chance of survival is reduced by 10%. ORCHARD & VINEYARD SUPPLIES Products & Solutions for Agricultural Safety r Chemical Gloves r Full-Face Respirator r Half-Face Respirator r Chemical Splash Goggles r Chemical Resistant Boots r Disposable and Reusable Suits Available Add a Cooling-Vest on hot days as a heat stress precaution Washington - Idaho - Oregon Shop Online 1-800-765-9055 Safety First: Follow chemical manufacturer's guidelines for decontaminating the spray suite. Do not usesuit if there are cuts, holes, tears, missing snaps, or separated seams. Chemical Protective Suit REAL ESTATE Bob Knauss 509 669-5956 b o b @ l a ke l a n d a g e n c y. c o m Chelan, WA Bob Knauss - The Lakeland Agency Bob Knauss - The Lakeland Agency Bob Knauss Bob Knauss - The Lakeland Agency Bob Knauss - The Lakeland Agency Bob Knauss - The Lakeland Agency Bob Knauss - The Lakeland Agency Buying or Selling Orchard or Vineyard Property? MARCHANT LADDERS, INC. Quality Ladders Since 1978 509-882-1912 Grandview, Washington Heavy Duty Top Bracket Heavy Duty Bottom Step Extra support on longer steps, all steps 3" wide • Buy factory direct • BEST ladder at the BEST price • Available 6 to 16 foot Built of sturdy, lightweight ALUMINUM— Specifically for agriculture "The Standard for the Serious Orchardist" The Stokes ladder is second to none for quality of construction. Contact us for a catalog. Call Today 800-842-7775 • Aircraft Grade Aluminum • Never A Plastic Part NEW Anti-Wear 3rd Leg Pivot Hinge Eliminates Wear of Hinge ORCHARD SUPPLIES New and Innovative Ideas... We Help You Make Money! FABRIC OPTIONS FOR USE IN HORTICULTURE • Shade and wind fabrics • Bird and insect netting • Weed cloth • Hail netting systems • Machine-harvest berry netting systems • Shade and insect house systems 509-452-9983 SALES The benefi ts of plastic and more... Still using wood bins? Replace them! Buy the Hybrid 44-FV. but at a lower price. but at a lower price. NEW! Contact us for a price quote today! 707.437.1200 or 1.800.845.6555 Increased Stack Stability The interlocking design makes stacking easier and stacks are straighter than those with wood bins. A plastic bin fi xed within a lean wood frame for structural support. This alternative to wood bins is designed to offer all the protection of plastic bins, but at a price you can afford. Macro Plastics' Hybrid 44-FV. Reduced Delivery Costs The lightweight plastic bins are nested when shipped and the wood frames can be assembled once on site. GROWER SERVICES ADVERTISE YOUR MESSAGE to readers of Good Fruit Grower. By providing superior and ethical editorial content, we set the stage for your compelling message to be seen by growers. 1-800-487-9946

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