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work Annemarie’s tips Work with me: Annemarie Spitznagle Crafting a new recipe for success at Bloom Bake Shop If you didn’t know her, you might think Annemarie Spitznagle was on a sugar rush. It would make sense, given that she spends her days cranking out cupcakes and sweets as the owner of Middleton’s Bloom Bake Shop. But watching her buzz about, toss- ing cookies in the oven while cheerfully chatting about the local origins of items in her café—from the cabinetry to the peanut butter—it’s clear Spitznagle is simply that excited about her newfound career. “If you told me when I was in my 20s that I would own a sustainable bakery and it would be my dream come true, I wouldn’t have believed you,” she explains with a laugh. The daughter of a fighter pilot, Spitznagle grew up moving all over the world. But with every move, one family tradition stayed constant: daily from-scratch meals. It was this passion for food that stayed with Spitznagle even when life pulled her in dif- ferent directions. After taking roles in nonprofits and sales, Spitznagle and her family settled in Madi- son, and the 40-year-old mother of three knew the time and location were right to make the idea of Bloom a reality. Since opening its doors in February 2010, her small-batch bakery has (pun in- tended) bloomed. Considered a must-stop shop for treats made from local ingredients, Spitznagle plans to continue expanding the catering arm of Bloom and do outreach work promoting another passion: getting children in the kitchen. And despite the long hours and few days off that accompany small-business own- ership, Spitznagle is exactly where she wants to be. “[When I opened Bloom], it felt like I was coming home,” she says. June 2011 For gleaning useful lessons from Bloom’s tasty treats The orange chocolate-chip and mustard cupcake: Don’t be afraid to be adventurous! You can mix in a little heat with the sweet, but less is more. The rhubarb margarita cupcake: If you think you don’t like a flavor—such as rhubarb—try it again. It’s all about pairing it with the right ingredients. Fresh mint chocolate chip cookies: Let your kids in the kitchen! Having them tear up fresh herbs or spinach is a great way to get them involved. And with these cookies, using mint incorporates color and gives it a fresh aftertaste. 29 Photo by Amber Arnold

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