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StateWays Q Q September/October 2014 18 CONTROL STATES EXECUTIVE FORUM +++++++++++++++++++++ took advantage of the online renewal process due to the waiting period of receiving their PIN. Staff is now automating the system to generate a password for each licensed business. New License Type Now Available The MLCC is now providing Conditional Licenses to qualified applicants throughout the state of Michi- gan. The new law became effective on May 22, 2014. A Conditional License can be issued to a qualified appli- cant to operate a licensed establishment during the time the permanent license application is being processed and investigated. Timeliness is critical to any small business getting their doors open for the first time, and with this Con- ditional License, businesses in the hospitality industry will be able to begin selling and serving alcoholic bever- ages while their application for the permanent license transfer is being processed. If the applicant meets all the requirements set forth in law, this license will allow a business to hire employees and start impacting their local economy. This is a true "game changer" for licens- ing businesses in Michigan. Under this law, the Commission has 20 business days to issue a Conditional License to a qualified ap- plicant seeking to transfer an existing license to sell alcohol for consumption on or off the licensed premis- es, or an applicant seeking a new Specially Designated Merchant license to sell beer and wine for consump- tion off the licensed premises. In addition to a com- pleted application for the permanent license, an ap- plicant requesting a Conditional License must provide the application form, Proof of Financial Responsibil- ity, an executed property document, and a Conditional License fee totaling $300. On May 27, 2014, the Commission received its first ap- plication under MCL 436.1525(5) for issuance of a Condi- tional License. The requirements for a completed applica- tion were satisfied by the applicant on Thursday, May 28, 2014 and on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, the application was con- sidered and approved by the Commission – 4 business days after the Conditional License application was complete. MLCC Moved Headquarters Another big move is literally just that. The MLCC office (Commission, Enforcement, Licensing, Hearings and Attorney General) moved from the Secondary Com- plex, General Office Building in Dimondale to Constitu- tion Hall, 525 W. Allegan Street in downtown Lansing on June 13, 2014. The MLCC is now located closer to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), which the MLCC is housed under. MONTANA Shauna Helfert Administrator, Montana Liquor Control Division M ontana's Liquor Con- trol Division, admin- istered under the state's Department of Revenue, have seen some changes over the past year in how businesses apply for liquor licenses, how wineries sell directly to individual consumers, and how we provide alcohol awareness training to servers and sellers. Apply Electronically for Liquor Licenses In line with the Governor Steve Bullock's Main Street Montana Project, the division is focused on providing the most efficient and effective services to its custom- ers. That is why the division made it possible in the past year for applicants to apply online for all liquor licenses. This includes on-premises consumption licenses, alcohol beverage manufacturer and importer licenses, wholesaler and distributor licenses, special permits and a variety of miscellaneous license types. Based on the selections the applicant makes, the pro- gram calculates the required fees and generates a list of supplemental information that must be submitted with the application for the division to start the processing. Existing licensees can annually renew, pay and print their licenses and make several account- type changes. Direct Shipment of Wine The 2013 Montana Legislators enacted a new direct shipment endorsement for in-state and out-of-state win- eries to directly ship wine to individuals within the state for personal consumption. The endorsement allows the licensed or registered winery to sell and ship up to 18 nine-liter cases of table wine annually per individual. The endorsement costs $50 per winery, per year and places the tax-reporting requirement on the winery. Since taking effect on October 1, we have approved more than 450 wineries for the direct shipment endorse- ment. We maintain a list of wineries with a current direct shipment endorsement on its website at http://revenue. We encourage Montana consumers to review this list prior to purchasing wine to ensure win- ery compliance. Education In 2011, Montana passed the Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act, which required that anyone who serves or

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