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StateWays Q Q September/October 2014 20 CONTROL STATES EXECUTIVE FORUM +++++++++++++++++++++ led by political leaders and industry interests, will con- tinue in earnest in the coming year. This year DLC also continued to be engaged in two major infrastructure projects. Last July, right at the be- ginning of our fiscal year, we relocated our offices and warehouse operations into a new, modern facility. Our new home provides significantly more space and is com- pletely climate-controlled. We performed this major re- location "in-house" with our own employees and equip- ment – and never missed a delivery day in the process. We have also made significant progress in developing, building and testing our much-anticipated Oracle ERP system, which will go live in early 2015. This project has demanded a tremendous level of dedicated resources – both financial and staffing. Once operational, this system should dramatically improve many of our business pro- cesses and operational practices. NEW HAMPSHIRE Joseph W. Mollica Chairman, Liquor Commission N ew Hampshire is the best state in the United States for wine drinkers, ac- cording to Washington Post opinion writer Reid Wilson. In giving New Hampshire top billing in a report last week, the Post noted New Hampshire's A+ rating on the American Wine Consumer Coalition 2013 Report Card, and lauded the state's non- taxed wine, price, availability and regulatory structure. The New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) of- fers more than 7,000 wines in its 77 New Hampshire Li- quor & Wine Outlets and has become nationally known for its annual New Hampshire Wine Week, which draws dozens of the biggest names in the wine world and industry experts for a week of consumer-focused events including in- timate wine dinners, exclusive panel discussions and tastings and the largest wine event in northern New England. Wilson referenced the Granite State's A-plus rank- ing in The American Wine Consumer Coalition 2013 State-by-State Report Card, which proclaimed, "No state treats wine consumers better than New Hampshire, given its laws that provide outstanding access to wine and its laws that provide wine lovers with great convenience." The report cited the convenience of shopping for wine in NH Liquor & Wine Outlets, wine shops, and grocery stores, along with the ability for consumers to ship wine directly to their homes. The report also referenced New Hampshire law, which allows consumers to bring bottles from their personal collection into restaurants to enjoy with their meal and lack of "Blue Laws," prohibiting the ban of wine sales on Sunday. We are particularly pleased to be recognized by the Washington Post and American Wine Consumer Coali- tion as a premier shopping destination for wine enthusi- asts. Our staff works extremely hard to ensure that our nearly ten million annual consumers have the very best selection of fine wine and spirits at unbeatable prices. With $278.5 million in wine sales last year, we believe the formula is working. Record Sales and Accolades The NHLC recently enjoyed its best sales year on record in FY 2014 with $626 million in total sales, an increase of $23 million – or nearly 4% over the previous fiscal year. The NHLC has consistently and innovative- ly worked to make sure consumers are aware that New Hampshire is the ideal place to purchase wine and spirits. Each year in late January, the biggest names in the wine world flock to New Hampshire – not Napa Valley – for a week-long celebration of wine known as New Hampshire Wine Week. For the past 10 years New Hampshire Wine Week has attracted legends like Michael Mondavi, Cris- tina Mariani-May, Joel Peterson and Merry Edwards, who participate in dozens of events in every corner of the state. From intimate wine dinners pairing delectable cuisine with fantastic wines, bottle signings, exclusive wine dis- cussions and tastings, and the Winter Wine Spectacular, Wine Week is the ultimate experience for those who ap- preciate wine. Wine Week was specifically designed with the consumer in mind. We have created an environment where consumers can interact and learn directly from wine celebrities and sample a wide variety of wines – something that only happens in New Hampshire. Store Upgrades Improve Offerings With the strategic renovation and relocation of 15 NH Liquor & Wine Outlets since 2012, the NHLC has specifically focused on showcasing its wine portfolio. As part of a $30 million redevelopment of the north and southbound rest areas on Interstate 93 in Hooksett, the NHLC is constructing two, new, state-of-the-art, 20,000 square foot NH Liquor & Wine Outlets to replace exist- ing stores, which will expand the stores' wine selections by 75 percent and boost total liquor and wine sales by an additional $6 million each year. The new NH Liquor & Wine Outlet in Bedford, which opened in November 2013, features a specialty wine room containing new arrivals and featured products that are only available on a limited basis. The NHLC also introduced a

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