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33 StateWays Q Q September/October 2014 "He was always a passionate advocate for [Jack Daniel's]," Blevins says. "We decided several years ago that the time was right to honor that friendship with Mr. Sinatra." With 2015 marking 100 years since the entertainer's birth, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and Frank Sinatra Enterprises have created Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select, which is crafted from special Sinatra barrels that have been hand selected by Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. Packaged in a commemorative gift box complete with a booklet that tells the story of the friendship between Frank Sinatra and the Jack Daniel's brand, this 90 proof ultra- premium whiskey comes in a unique one- liter bottle and retails for $185. Eyes on Experimentation "C raft distilling, new brands, and good tasting whiskey generate more interest in the cate- gory," explains Kris Comstock, marketing director, Bourbons, and Kevin Richards, marketing direc- tor, whiskeys and specialty brands. Buffalo Trace Distillery has spent the last year continuing to roll out releases from its Single Oak Project Bourbon, a project that started in 1999 and will wrap up in 2015 when the last of its 192 barrels are released. While 2013 ended with the 11th round, 2014 has brought releases for the 12th, 13th and 14th rounds as of August. The Distillery plans to take the top-rated Single Oak Project Bour- bon barrel and make more under the Single Oak name. "Hopefully, our periodic experiment whiskey releases enable whiskey drinkers to experience new fl avor profi les while learning the nuances and differ- ences in whiskey," Comstock and Richards say. Buffalo Trace has been experimenting for more than 20 years and continues to roll out innovations. "We will continue to experiment and innovate in search of new and different whiskies," they say. The distillery built an entire warehouse dedicated to experimentation. Opened in November 2013, Ware- house X houses the whiskeys that are aged to be bottled as part of the Experimental Collection. The bottling is still years down the road, as these whiskeys have to be aged for a minimum of eight years after the warehouse's completion before they are bottled. Heaven Hill Distilleries doesn't have a warehouse de- voted to experimentation, but the company is releases some interesting barrel proof bottles with its Elijah Craig line. Elijah Craig 12-Year-Old Barrel Proof Bourbon, which was introduced last year as a limited edition, joins Elijah Craig Small Batch 12-Year-Old as a recurring item in Heaven Hill's American whiskey portfolio. In 2013, Barrel Proof released batches at 134.2, 137 and 133.2 proof. For 2014, a 132.4 proof came out in March, a 134.8 proof was released in May, and the third and fi nal batch of the year hits in September. Plans are already in the progress for 2015's fi rst edition to be re- leased in January. The small batch Barrel Proof continues to retail for $44.99. New Whiskey Players I t's a Scotch-style whiskey, but Westland Distillery's Single Malt expression is as American as apple pie. Produced in Seattle, its barley is grown in the Pacifi c Northwest and the casks it's matured in are made of American Oak. "Rarely in my 30 years of experience have I met people who are so single-minded about their vision for American single malt whisky," says David King, presi- dent of Anchor Distilling Company. "In 15 years, I believe, Westland will defi ne American single malt whisky as a world-class category within our indus- try." Available in 750 ml bottles, the 46 percent ABV expression retails for $79.99. Proximo Spirits is no stranger to the whis- key category, already having Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey under its wing. But in 2014 the company added another Rocky Mountain creation by distilling veteran Jess Graber. Tincup American Whiskey launched in January, rolling out to select markets and carrying a suggested retail price of $27.99 for its 750 ml bottle. Tincup, which blends corn, rye and malt in a unique fl avor combination, is bottled at 84 proof in Colorado using Rocky Mountain water. The product aims to honor the mid- 19th century Colorado miners, the state's fi rst whiskey drinkers, with its name and packaging. The deeply embossed bottle is hexagonal in shape and its cap is a tin cup that can be used for drinking. Terlato Wines has been expanding its Artisan Spirits portfolio and recently partnered with Heartland Distill- ers to produce a collection of American craft spirits. After launching a gin in 2014, Terlato and Heartland Distillers look to unveil Spring Mill whiskey and Bourbon in 2015. "When we started building our Artisan Spirits Portfolio, we knew it would need to include a selec- tion of unique and distinctive hand-crafted American spirits," says Terlato Wines CEO William A. Terlato. "Small-batch American spirits are one of the fastest grow- ing and most dynamic categories in the U.S. drinks market, especially with Millennials." Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Tincup American Whiskey Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon

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