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35 StateWays Q Q September/October 2014 Another option for control state administrators looking for an industry-specific POS is mPower Beverage. Created in 1998, the company started out as a general POS provider, but after being sought out by multiple beverage retailers to customize the system for their businesses, the company shifted its focus to the beverage industry. "Everything about the software is industry-specifi c," explains Patrick Mooney, Vice President of mPower Beverage. "You'll see a lot of cus- tom features built in. For example, looking at wine listings, you can sort items based on vintage, regions, etc. Recognizing that specifi c bever- age laws can vary from state to state, mPower Beverage is set up to easily notate any legal distinctions into its system, making it a great choice for control agencies. Ad- ditional features include remote access, a touch-screen interface, an I.D. checking system, and the option to in- tegrate the use of rewards cards. The system automati- cally checks for any updates and will prompt the retailer to download the latest software. Pricing of the mPower Beverage system is based on the number of store locations and the number of registers used. Generally, the cost is $2,000 for the fi rst register and $1,500 for each additional register. Hardware and installation are available at an additional cost. States that are interested in the latest and great- est POS features may want to look at Spirits 2000. A product of Atlantic Systems, Inc., Spirits 2000 has been serving the beverage industry for over 30 years. The latest version of the system, Spirits 2000 3.0, is cur- rently in beta testing with select customers and will be fully released by the end of 2014. Features of the new Spirits 2000 3.0 include real- time functionalities on mobile devices, and a "wine- busting" feature that lets retailers total up sales on the fl oor in an effort to save custom- ers time once they get to the cash register. A new data mining feature allows retailers to target their mar- keting to customers by offering in- depth reporting that targets very specifi c audiences. "You probably have some cus- tomers in your systems who are wine buyers, and specifically cab- ernet buyers, and then either $10 to $20 bottle cabernet buyers or $20 and up bottle of cabernet drinkers, etc.," Marketing Man- ager Ajay Reddy says. "The new reporting methods will let you tai- lor your reports as much as you want so you can do much more targeted marketing." Spirits 2000 pricing varies by retailer/agency. SEAMLESS POS INTEGRATION: A ONE - STOP SHOP A nother consideration to keep in mind when select- ing a POS provider is how well the new system will integrate with your other existing databases. AccuPOS is an accounting-anchored POS solution designed to merge all POS transactions with existing accounting software. If your agency stores already utilize Quick- Books or Sage, you'll be able to use those existing databases with AccuPOS; there's no need to set up a separate database. "This is a very important feature to any Quick- Books or Sage user," says Joe Pergola, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with AccuPOS. "With our sys- tem, every single sale that is made in your store will instantly become a corresponding line item entry in your accounting program." AccuPOS boasts an impressive unit of measure sys- tem, allowing beverage retailers to stock items by cases or A product of Atlantic Systems, Inc., Spirits 2000 has been serving beverage retailers for over 30 years. AccuPOS is an accounting- anchored POS solution designed to merge all POS transactions with a retailer's existing accounting software.

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