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StateWays is the only magazine exclusively covering the control state system within the beverage alcohol industry, with annual updates from liquor control commissions and alcohol control boards and yearly fiscal reporting from control jurisdictions

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39 StateWays Q Q September/October 2014 HARBORTOUCH Harbortouch offers both a touchscreen point- of-sale system to retailers and also provides merchant services such as credit/debit and gift- card processing. The POS system and all technical support is provided to retailers free of charge: Harbortouch's only cost to retailers is a merchant processing fee collected during credit card transactions. For more information, visit www. or call 800. 201.0461. INNOVATIVE COMPUTER SOLUTIONS (ICS) ICS has provided solutions speciˉ cally for bever- age alcohol retailers for more than 30 years and has systems installed in more than 1,000 stores nationwide. The company's Vision system, a scalable application for stores ranging from a single register to multiple locations, can run on Windows, LINUX, and MAC/OS. The POS module within Vision is designed to provide full register capability, including price look-ups, discounts, cus- tomer-special pricing (and history), periodic sales, and frequent-buyer or award points tracking. Tasting notes and coupons can also be generated from the register. The Vision POS can be operated on a standard PC or a touch-screen system. A 2-D scanner can identify under-age purchasers and add customers to a store's mailing/special pricing list. The back-ofˉ ce module provides inventory control, extensive reporting, sales analysis, pur- chase history, FIFO inventory level tracking, and physical inventory. Cashier accountability features allow a retailer to track all transactions down to the keystroke, both on the POS and in the back ofˉ ce. Vision is turnkey and includes hardware, installation, and training at the store location. The system is already PCI 3.0 complaint. Complete systems start at $5,000, including hardware which can also be purchased separately. Call 732.223.0909 or visit KEYSTROKE Keystroke is a sales management and inventory control POS system offering extensive report- ing and employee management tools. The latest version features electronic forms, an updated mail module, vendor catalogs, multi-store purchase orders, customizable appearance settings, and more. For pricing details and additional informa- tion, visit LIGHTSPEED RETAIL Lightspeed Retail is a Mac-based POS system for small to medium retailers. The system can be outˉ tted to use iPads and iPod Touches as registers. The company offers an open application program interface (API) to allow end-users to build their own custom add-ons to the system. Two different ver- sions, Lightspeed Pro and Lightspeed Cloud, can be accessed via free trials. For more information, call 866.932.1801 or visit MICROSOFT DYNAMICS Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is a global, end-to-end solution for retailers that offers multichannel management, store operations, merchandising, and enterprise resource plan- ning capabilities. Unlike retail software built to solve the problems of the past, Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail delivers role-tailored, omni-channel scenarios seamlessly through a modern, uniˉ ed technology offering. To learn more about the solution and see real product demos, visit mPOWER BEVERAGE SOFTWARE mPower Beverage is designed speciˉ cally for bev- erage-alcohol retailers. The Windows-based system can be used for single or multi-store operations and offers integrated credit cards, remote access, touchscreen capability, e-commerce integration, and PCI compliance. Also, mPower Beverage can be in- stalled on Windows 7 tablets for functionality such as inventory adjustments, ordering/receiving, or line-busting. For states that require it, a wholesale module is also available for tracking back ofˉ ce orders and providing the needed reports to the state. The software costs $2,000 plus $1,500 for each additional register. For more information, call 877.396.0141 or visit NCR CORPORATION NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a global technology company leading how the world connects, interacts, and transacts with business. NCR's assisted- and self-service solutions and comprehensive support services address the needs of retail, ˉ nancial, travel, healthcare, hos- pitality, entertainment, gaming, and public sector organizations in more than 100 countries. NCR is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia. For more information, call 866.431.7879, e-mail retail., or visit NETSUITE FOR RETAIL Netsuite is a cloud-based, multi-channel retail management system that integrates POS, ecommerce, CRM and marketing, merchandising, warehouse management, and ˉ nances. Learn more at PROPHETLINE Prophetline is a POS and retail management system for small- to mid-sized specialty retailers, including beverage retailers. Its systems include IP credit card processing, integrated web shopping, and fully integrated accounting. It can handle operations ranging from one store to multiple sites with centralized purchasing. Prophetline is a four-time winner of the Microsoft Retail Application Developer of the Year Award. To learn more, call 800.875.6592 or visit RITE ( RETAIL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISES ) This company is an award-winning provider of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and works with some of the largest liquor retailers in the country, with clients in over 40 states. RITE has molded the Microsoft RMS product to meet the special needs of beer/wine/ liquor retailers, including the ability to integrate with their suppliers (invoicing and pricing /EDI), integrated age veriˉ cation via drivers licenses, proˉ t-margin monitoring, advanced purchasing tools and web site integration. For information, visit or call 888.267.RITE. SAGE NORTH AMERICA Sage North America specializes in business- management software and services for small- and mid-sized businesses. Its latest release, Sage 50 Accounting 2015 for small businesses, has features including automated purchasing and shipping options, cash ˊ ow monitoring, various invoicing formats, and multi-user options. For more information, call 800.228.0068 or visit SAP TRANSACTIONWARE SAP Transactionware General Merchandise (SAP TGM) is a POS system speciˉ cally designed for client-server environments. Primary features include an enhanced security strategy, real-time access to consumer information, mobile POS inventory and transaction capabilities, and support for centralized transaction services. To learn more, call 866.681.6121. SHOPKEEP POS Developed by a wine retailer, ShopKeep POS is a complete iPad point-of-sale (POS) system designed for independent retailers. Subscription prices start at $49 per month for a basic system with one iPad register. A new feature allowing seamless Quick- Books integration is available for an additional $30 per month. A 30-day free trial is available. For more information, visit SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY GROUP Systems Technology Group (STG) offers a custom- izable POS system that focuses on securityand support. State-of-the art technology, modern interfaces, full PCI compliance, and 24/7 customer support are just some of the features offered by STG, which is an appropriate system from small individual retailers to large, multi-store chains. For more information, visit WINDWARD SOFTWARE Windward Software's Liquor Store POS is a fully integrated liquor-industry-speciˉ c business- management software package. Windward has been built to be fast, easy to learn, and offers unique functionality to meet your liquor store needs. It includes capabilities for integrated video monitoring, real-time accumulation of sales, customer relationship management, prod- uct tracking, case breakdown, 2D scanning for ID clariˉ cation, touch-screen capabilities, cost controls, and reporting. The system is meant handle every aspect of a single- or multi-store business, from the cash register, to the back ofˉ ce, to ecommerce. Call 800.663.5750 or visit WOLF TRACK SOFTWARE Wolf Track's Liquor POS Software is available as software-as-a-service (SAAS). Though the system runs entirely on a store's computers, the software can be downloaded from Wolf Track's website. The software, which can run a touchscreen system, costs $35 per month per register. Updates to the software and support are free. Automatic database back-up is available for an additional fee of $20 per month, per store. For more information, call 800.908.7654 or visit

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