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CULTURED 83 ROSELEE GOLDBERG Founding Director and Curator, Performa RoseLee Goldberg launched the nonprofit organization Performa a decade ago and has been a longtime supporter of performance art. Performa gives established and emerging artists a platform for creative expression. It has commissioned some of the industry's most influential artists, such as Yvonne Rainer, Ryan McNamara and Tarek Atoui, as well as emerging talent to create new work for the organization's biennial. Alongside her work for Performa, Goldberg also teaches at New York University. "MY TO-DO LIST THIS FALL INCLUDES lots of travel. Korea, Brazil, touring my exhibition 'Performance Now' to Kraków, taking Rashid Johnson's Dutchman, a Performa Commission, to Chicago... and our Renaissance-inspired gala!" "I'M VERY EXCITED ABOUT Mickalene Thomas. She's 'mid-career,' yet her work is hitting new levels." "Even established artists can make work that is so full of surprises that it's like we're seeing it for the first time—or being reminded why its influence has endured. Yvonne Rainer does that for me." "I HAVE MY EYE ON Wyatt Kahn. He's making beautifully considered sculpture- paintings (or is it painting-sculptures?) that are about to step even further into three- dimensional space." "THE BEST BOOK ABOUT ART I READ RECENTLY IS 'De Kooning: An American Master' by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan. It's a wonderful read, a window into the life and times of de Kooning, with an art historian's careful assessment of the sources, influences, techniques, methods and obsessions of an artist over a lifetime of waking up every single day to make another painting." IMAGES (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP): PATRICK MCMULLAN; PAULA COURT; WYATT KAHN; MICKALENE THOMAS AND LEHMANN MAUPIN, NEW YORK AND HONG KONG AND ARS (ARTISTS RIGHTS SOCIETY), NEW YORK; PAULA COURT; THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, PURCHASE, ISABEL SHULTS FUND, 2012; KNOPF "THE BEST EXHIBITION I'VE ATTENDED THIS YEAR IS 'Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500-1800' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a revelation seeing the world through a medium that we think of as second tier to the greater arts of painting or sculpture, yet that gives a social and political overview and provides new insights into the way culture travels. Performance artists similarly expresses the subconscious of an era, of a place. It's a different way to comprehend how art history is built over time, layer upon layer, telling endlessly different stories about the different lives lived across the globe." Rashid Johnson's Dutchman Untitled, 2014, by Wyatt Kahn Untitled #10, 2014, by Mickalene Thomas A Coat (Wentke) from the "Interwoven Globe" exhibition at the Met. Yvonne Rainer's 2007 Performa commission "RoS Indexical"

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