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October 2014

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October 2014 | Boating Industry | 31 [ 2014 Movers & Shakers ] Customer at the center Evinrude's G2 engines are the embodiment of that customer-fi rst attitude, from superior tech- nology to top-notch warranties to customizable fi nishes, Villemure said. It represents the next generation of Evinrude's E-TEC, introduced in 2003, and produces up to 75 percent fewer total regulated emissions, with 15 percent better fuel effi ciency and 20 percent more torque than leading four-stroke engines, based on internal BRP testing. The engines have a 5-year engine warranty, 5-year corrosion war- ranty, and 500 hours with no dealer-scheduled maintenance. The engines also have a new exo- skeleton designed to give the product a unique look reminiscent of superhero armor. BRP has called it a "new era" in outboards. "We have unrivaled performance, torque, fuel economy, and you have to talk about the design elements, the distinct look of the prod- uct," Villemure said. "It's a sea of sameness out there, so we came up with something that is drastically different." The company has also partnered with several boat builders to create "hero" colors that match elements of their boats. "Think about it … you buy a boat for $50,000 to $200,000 and the engine doesn't match the boat," Villemure said. "These are paradigms that are so entrenched in the marine industry. It suits production needs and simpli- fi es the supply chain, so the consumer doesn't get what they should." Among some of the other changes are an improved piston/cylinder design, a Dual Axis clean rigging system, an i-Trim automatic trim- ming system, and a hydrodynamic SLX gear case that reduces steering effort and integrated Dynamic Power Steering. The G2 is available in 200 to 300 HP, using the company's traditional two-stroke technol- ogy. BRP's experience building everything from jet engines to snowmobiles allows them to pick the best engine solution for every ap- plication – and for outboards that's two-stroke, Villemure said. "When you look at outboard engines, the ap- plication is all about torque," he said. "G2 delivers 20 percent more torque than the best four-stroke engine in the market. That's 600 lbs. of torque and this is simply something that cannot be achieved with four-stroke technology at this point." The company also recently invested millions to consolidate its engine operations – including the Rotax jet engine – in one facility in Sturte- vant, Wisconsin. By putting product develop- ment, manufacturing, marketing and customer service under one roof, those departments will be able to integrate better and become more ef- fi cient, Villemure said. BRP has also been among the industry lead- ers in testing alternative fuels such as isobutanol. The company was recognized this year with a Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for its efforts. » More torque for the G2 than leading 4-stroke engines, according to BRP 20%

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