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live in good health Sen Happiness sing One sure-fire way to boost your daily bliss? Activate all five senses By Ashley Finke Using Sound To find just the right sounds that soothe, Julie Luther of Spruce Tree Music and Repair recommends listening to string instruments. One of her top picks? The ukulele. If you can't book yourself a trip to Hawaii, start queuing up Don Ho to help you feel at ease. Using Sight The ancient practice of feng shui says the spaces in your life affect your well-being. Which is why feng shui practitioner Linda Mundt of Creating Space for a Peaceful Mind, says simple changes to your environment can create opportunities for happiness to grow. In any room, getting rid of clutter, using natural light and letting in fresh air are ways to put your mind at ease. Using Smell Using your Palate There's nothing like comfort food to put a little spring in your step. According to Linda Abel, owner of The Abel Chef: Comfort Food with a Gourmet Flair, the most potent meals for making us feel happy are the ones that utilize the entire palate—tasting salty, sweet, sour and bitter. For a dining experience really worth smiling about (on the inside and out), she recommends finding healthy recipes that hit all four notes. As Chuck Beckwith, fragrance aficionado and co-owner of The Soap Opera will tell you, it's simple physiology: Smell travels directly from the nose to the brain. When you need a quick lift or energy boost he suggests scents from the citrus family (especially orange). To start your day on a euphoric note, try a custom- scented citrus body wash in your morning bath water. Using Touch While a soothing touch can be calming in general, healing techniques from acupunc- ture and massage often work wonders on stress. Elissa Langer and Kristin Connor of Dane County Family Acupuncture say the trick is to look for tender spots on the body where painful knots can block the flow of blissful energy. At home, try gently mas- saging the inner eye socket just below your eyebrow or your fingers from base to tip. 12 BRAVA Magazine August 2011

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