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January 2015

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Page 30 of 39 GOOD FRUIT GROWER JANUARY 1, 2015 31 JANUARY January 5-6: Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Conference, Lexington, Kentucky. Call John Strang at (859) 257- 5685, January 7-9: Illinois Specialty Crops, Agritourism, and Organic Conference, 7TVMRK½IPH-PPMRSMW'SRXEGX(MERI,ERHPI] at (309) 557-2107, or January 8-9:Yakima Ag Expo, Yakima, Washington, January 12-14: Northwest Food Manufacturing and Packaging Expo, Portland, Oregon. Call (503) 327- 2200 or e-mail expo More information at January 13-14: Northwest Michigan Orchard and Vineyard Show, Acme, Michigan. Call (231) 946-1510. January 13-15: Western Colorado ,SVXMGYPXYVEP7SGMIX]'SRZIRXMSR+VERH Junction, Colorado, www.coloradofruit. org. January 14-16: Orchard Pest & Disease Management Conference, Portland, Oregon. Call (509) 663-8181 or e-mail wopdmc; January 16: Cherry Institute, Yakima, Washington. For details, call (509) 453- 4837 or go to January 19:0EOI'LIPER,SVXMGYPXYVEP Day, Chelan, Washington, (509) 667- 6540, e-mail smithtj January 19-21: Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association Congress, Sandusky, Ohio. January 20: Stone Fruit Day, Wenatchee, Washington, (509) 667- 6540, e-mail smithtj January 20-22: Empire State Producers Expo, Syracuse, New York. For MRJSVQEXMSRIQEMPR] January 20-22:-RHMERE,SVXMGYPXYVEP Congress and Trade Show, Indianapolis, -RHMERE[[[YRM½IHW]QTSWMYQSVK January 21: Pear Day, Wenatchee 'SRZIRXMSR'IRXIV;IREXGLII Washington, (509) 667-6540, e-mail smithtj January 22: Apple Day, Wenatchee, Washington, (509) 667-6540, e-mail January 27-29: Northwest Ag Show, Portland, Oregon. Call (503) 769-8940 or go to January 27-29: Mid-Atlantic Fruit :IKIXEFPI'SRZIRXMSR,IVWLI] 4IRRW]PZERME'SRXEGX [[[QEJZGSVK January 27-29:9RM½IH;MRI +VETI 7]QTSWMYQ7EGVEQIRXS'SRZIRXMSR Center, Sacramento, California, [[[YRM½IHW]QTSWMYQSVK January 28-29:%TTPI,SVXMGYPXYVIERH 4SWXLEVZIWX6IWIEVGL6IZMI[4EWGS Washington. Contact Kathy Coffey at kathy, (509) 665- 8271, ext. 2. January 28-30: Apple Crop Protection 6IWIEVGL6IZMI[4EWGS;EWLMRKXSR Contact Kathy Coffey at kathy@, (509) 665-8271, ext. 2. FEBRUARY February 1-6: North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association's 30th %RRYEP'SRZIRXMSR2EWLZMPPIERH /RS\ZMPPI8IRRIWWII[[[REJHQEGSQ February 5-7: Minnesota Grape Growers Association Cold Climate Grape & Wine Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 10-12: World Ag Expo, Tu- lare, California, February 10-13: Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers Annual Meeting and Trade Show, Kennewick, Washington, February 12: Technology Research 6IZMI[;79'4%%74VSWWIV Washington. Contact Kathy Coffey at kathy, (509) 665- 8271, ext. 2. February 18-19: Northwest Pear 6IWIEVGL6IZMI[,SSH6MZIV3VIKSR Contact Kathy Coffey at kathy@treefruit, (509) 665-8271, ext. 2. February 19-20: USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum, Arlington, Virginia, [[[YWHEKSZSGIJSVYQ February 21: Women in Agriculture Conference, multiple locations in Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, www. Contact Donna Rolen at (509) 745-8531, donna.rolen @ February 21-25: International Fruit Tree %WWSGMEXMSR%RRYEP'SRJIVIRGI2SZE Scotia, Canada,

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