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February 2015

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20 FEBRUARY 1, 2015 Good Fruit Grower P ositive sales trends continue for Washington's wine industry, say wine executives from two of Washington's largest wine producers. Washington wine sales have posted consistent growth for the past two years. Martin Johnson of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Erik Hoins of Hogue Cellars gave insight into Washington wine sales during a panel discussion that was part of an annual grower caucus hosted by the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers at Grandview in December. Johnson called 2014 "an ideal year in the marketplace," as he pointed out consistent growth over the past two years. "The wine business is growing," he said. "That's really good news." Most varietals are growing, with the exception of a few that are of interest to Washington growers. Premium wine sales still growing Viticulture For over 40 years, growers have been enjoying the fruits of our labor. At ProTree Nursery, experience has taught us to select the best varieties, graft only the highest quality rootstocks and grow hearty trees. As one of the leading suppliers of apple and cherry varieties to orchard growers, our customers have come to depend on our trees and our service. You can too, call us today. 10500 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood, CA 94513 800.634.1671 or 925.634.2191 (Alison Clegg or Richard Chavez) 877.457.6901 (Henry Sanguinetti) Apples Aztec Fuji ® (DT-2 cv) Banning Red Fuji (USPP 16,624 P2) Blondee™ (USPP 19,007 McLaughlin cv) Buckeye ® Gala (USPP 10,840) Firestorm™ Honeycrisp Honeycrisp™ (USPP 7197) JonaStar JonaGold™ (USPP 20,590) September Wonder™ Fuji (USPP 11,193) Ultima™ Gala (USPP 13,753 P2) These apple varieties are available on B-118, BUD-10, EMLA-7, EMLA-26, EMLA-106, EMLA-111, G-30, M-9 (T-337), NIC ® -29, or Pajam #2. Cherries Benton™ Bing Black Tart BlackPearl ® Brooks™ BurgundyPearl ® Chelan™ Coral Champagne Cristalina™ EbonyPearl ® Lapins RadiancePearl ® Rainier Selah™ Skeena™ Sweetheart™ Tamora Tulare™ Vans Available on Colt, Gisela ® , Krymsk ® , Mahaleb, or Mazzard. * * Not all varieties are available on all rootstocks. Call for specific grafting information. M E M B E R O F w w w . p r o t r e e n u r s e r y. c o m 120 N. Naches Avenue Yakima, WA 98901 509.853.3000 1420 Fifth Avenue Suite 3000 Seattle, WA 98101 206.626.6000 Sustained success takes vision and teamwork. At Stokes Lawrence Velikanje Moore & Shore, we see each client's unique vision as the driving force of our legal practice. We have decades of experience working with agricultural clients and deep knowledge of the business and legal issues faced by growers, packers and distributors. Let's reach your goals together. Ryan Griffee | Ellen Jackson | Garon Jones | Brendan Monahan Andre Penalver | Sean Russel | Morrie Shore | George Velikanje Sarah Wixson | Dustin Yeager Realizing Your Vision Growers need to focus on quality and target fruit for the $15 and up price point, say wine marketers. by Erick Peterson

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