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2-Watt SolarPulse® 5-Watt SolarPulse® and These solar chargers can replace the natural discharge of batteries and the power loss from electrical accessories that occur even when the ignition is switched off. Since the solar panels are placed directly on a low profile alu- minum panel instead of thicker, bulkier metal frames you can flush mount the solar panel so it has less chance of being accidentally damaged. Both models utilize our patented, high frequency pulsing cycles to continu- ously break up and reduce the number and size of sulfation deposits on bat- tery plates that cut back the battery's efficiency to accept, store and release energy. The SolarPulse SP-2 provides a full 2-Watts of power in a small, durable size (4.75" x 8.56" x 0.125"). The SP-5 model offers a full 5-Watts of power in a compact, durable 8.875" x 8.56" x .0125" solar panel. 735X302 SP-2 2-Watt SolarPulse 735X305 SP-5 5-Watt SolarPulse 6-Watt ERV SolarPulse® • Designed for easy installation on emer- gency and law enforcement vehicles • Supplied with unterminated wires for sim- ple installation without connector removal The longer, narrower (16" x 4.93" x 1.25") 6-Watt SolarPulse solar panel is designed to be easily in- stalled on the light bar of emergency and law en- forcement vehicles. It has all the characteristics, exceptional charging and pulse technology features of the 2-and 5-Watt solar panels with more power to offset the higher parasitic load these types of vehi- cles require. Input wire is supplied unterminated. 735X613 ERV 6-Watt SolarPulse ERV Wire Length: Panel to bare end: 1.5 feet Bare end to box: 12.5 feet Box to Lugs: 3 feet 800-580-7554 www.xtremecharge.com 11 25-Watt SolarPulse® The 25-Watt SolarPulse provides a full 25-Watts of power in a compact, du- rable 21.26"L x 17.72"W x 0.125"H 12-Volt battery charger. The solar panel replaces the power loss from electrical accessories that occurs even when the ignition is switched off. Rated at 1.6 amps, the SP25 charges, maintains and desulfates two to four 12-Volt batteries connected in parallel. It's ideal for virtually any kind of vehicle and equipment, including tractors / prime movers, generators, oil and gas field equipment, boats, and much more. Do not use on a single battery. Like all of our SolarPulse models, the 25-Watt model uses our unrivaled solar charging system combined with our patented optimized high frequency puls- ing circuit to ensure your unused batteries will start when you need them. 735X325 SP25 25-Watt SolarPulse SOLAR CHARGE: SolarPulse

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