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XC Xtreme Recovery Charger 20-Amp Shop Charger Built to Recover Batteries • Recovers deeply sulfated batteries • Innovative "In Case" clamp, cable and power cord storage • Heavy-duty, replaceable battery cable • Ideal for larger 12-Volt batteries includ- ing group 31, 4-D and 8-D • Software optimized for battery recovery If you service vehicles and equipment with larger, expensive batteries, you need the state-of-the-art Xtreme Recovery charger. Finally it's possible to recover heavily discharged and sulfated batteries you may think are dead or useless! Avoid prema- ture replacement costs and save money by mak- ing your existing batteries last longer and perform more efficiently. Self-enclosed in a convenient, water-resistant, heavy-duty case, this 5-Stage battery charger first interrogates the battery prior to charging and imme- diately lets you know if you have a bad battery. Next, the patented, microprocessor controlled cir- cuitry monitors and adjusts the charging current to allow the battery to reach its optimum bulk or float charge rate based on the voltage and amperage ac- ceptance of the battery. During the Bulk, Saturation and Float stages, the Xtreme Recovery introduces a high frequency pulse mode to remove sulfate deposits from the battery's plates, increasing the battery's ability to accept, store and release energy. 100X500 XCR-20 Battery Recovery Charger Specifications LED Indicators ON – Charger is receiving proper input voltage TEST – Charger is testing the battery's condition NO CONNECTION – Charger is not connected to a battery BAD BATTERY – Battery connected is not recoverable CHARGING – Charger is providing bulk charge to the battery PULSING – Charger is applying reconditioning charge to the battery 25% - 75% – Indicates current state of charge 100% – Charge complete. Charger is providing float charge to maintain the battery at 100% . Status ON PULSING PULSING PULSING CHARGING Battery 100% 75% 50% 25% TEST NO CONNECTION BAD BATTERY Maximum Output Current: 20 A dc Input Voltage: 110-250 V ac, 50-60 Hz Overcharge Protection: Yes Weight: 11.1 lbs (5.03 kg) Dimensions: 14.2"L x 11.4"W x 6.5"H Power Cable: 6'L Battery Cable: 6'L One-Year Limited Warranty 800-580-7554 www.xtremecharge.com The XCR-20 is housed in a convenient, portable, heavy-duty case. Applications Works anywhere in the world on all types of 12-Volt lead-acid batteries— flooded, AGM and VRLA batteries—deep cycle and standard designs. 9 A/C CHARGE: 20A Recovery Charger

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