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November 2011

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Cherry vote A referendum is required every six years in Washington. by Melissa Hansen C herry growers vote this month to continue or end a federal marketing order that regulates handling of sweet cherries grown in designated counties in Washington State. Regulations require that a continuation referendum be held once every six years. Federal Marketing Order 923, estab- lished in 1957, authorizes minimum grade, size, maturity, pack, and container regulations for Washington sweet cherries as well as mandatory inspection require- ments. The Washington Cherry Marketing Committee, a 16-member committee of growers and handlers selected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, oversees activities of the marketing order and pro- vides industry with a voice to discuss grade, pack, and handling regulations. The Cherry Marketing Committee is administered by the Washington State Fruit Commission. Cherry Marketing Committee Chair Norm Gutzwiler, a grower from Wenatchee, said that an important func- tion of the marketing order is the author- ity to track the type of containers that are shipped to market each season. Collect- ing shipment data allows industry to track shipping trends and develop 20-pound- box equivalent data. "The order also gives industry the flex- ibility to make changes to minimum stan- dards before each season to reflect natural diseases or widespread weather events." Fruit must still meet federal standards. The voting period is November 5-18. To vote, growers must have grown sweet cherries in designated counties (Okanogan, Chelan, Kittitas, Yakima, and all counties lying east thereof) from April 1, 2010, to March 31, 2011. Growers will receive a ballot in the mail from the U.S. Department of Agriculture; ballots must be postmarked by November 18 to be counted. Qualified growers who don't receive a ballot by the first week of November should contact Cheryl Ringering at the Cherry Marketing Committee at (509) 453-4837. • CHERRY nominations N ominations for a handler posi- tion on the Washington Cherry Marketing Committee will be held during the Wenatchee Valley Traf- fic Association's annual meeting on November 7 at noon at the Washington Apple Commission's conference room in Wenatchee.The District 1 position is held by Bill Knight with Richard Werner as alternate. Their term expires March 31, 2012. Morning Mist™ Fuji This apple is an early maturing Fuji sport. Discovered in Brewster, Washington, this is one of the best early Fuji selections available on the market today. Maturity is approximately four weeks ahead of standard Fuji. USPP# 16,270 Aztec Fuji® Aztec Fuji® DT2 variety is a high colored Fuji sport from New Zealand. It has the sweet juicy flavor, crisp texture and harvest maturity of standard Fuji. Aztec is a blush type and observations show it to be one of the highest coloring Fuji sports to date. Aztec Fuji® is a protected trademark of Waimea Variety Management Ltd. Buckeye® Buckeye® Gala that we have seen to date. Buckeye® develops well through the summer heat and the fruit finishes with a bright, full red color. USPP# 10,840 Additional Varieties Ambrosia™ Blondee™ Cameo® Gala: Buckeye® brand Chrisolyn™ Jonathan Granny Smith Jonastar™ Jonagold Pink Lady® Brand RubyMac® Snowsweet® Spartan Zestar!® Gala Ultima Gala® Early Fuji: Morning Mist™ Rising Sun® Braeburn: Kumeu Crimson® Mariri Red™ Brookfield® Gala (Baigent CV) From New Zealand we bring you Brookfield,® the ultimate striped Gala.The bold red stripe over its red background is the obvious improvement. The apple's early color permits proper harvest timing for best storage maturity, flavor retention, and customer satisfaction. USPP# 10,016 Willow Drive Nursery, Inc. Call Toll Free: 1-888-548-7337 3539 Road 5 NW, Ephrata, WA 98823, GOOD FRUIT GROWER NOVEMBER 2011 9 Gala is the highest coloring Gala Gala Honeycrisp Introduced in 1991, Honeycrisp is creating quite an interest with commercial growers. The well- balanced, sub-acid flavor combined with a crisp, juicy texture make for an enjoyable eating experience. Willow Drive Nursery Call Now for Availability

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