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live in good health A cool glass of milk will do the trick, right? Not alone, say Dr. Amy Franta and Physical Therapist Jenny Wallskog of Meriter Health Services, who recommend these weight-bearing exercises to boost bone density at any age Running, jogging or walking The benefi t: Get on your feet and hoof it at a comfortable speed three to four times per week for more than 30 minutes, as pouding the pavement encourages bones to rebuild. Try: A quality running shoe that fi ts you just right. Mizuno WaveRider 14 Running Shoes, $100; Catalyst, 2045 Atwood Ave., Madison; (608) 819-6433. Those BonesBoost Jump rope The benefi t: Relive your glory days by jumping rope and the repeated hopping not only burns calories but helps rebuild bones.(But if you have osteopo- rosis, experts caution to try less jarring exercises instead.) Try: A segmented power rope, $14; Bill's Fitness Store, 4114 E. Washington Ave., Madison; (608) 241-3000. Our experts recommend adding weight training and strengthening exercises to your workout every other day while varying the muscle groups you target. With any new exer- cises, consult your doctor or a specialist to ensure your health and safety. Yoga 12 Hand weights or resistance bands The benefi t: Resistance training is great for building bone. Mix in eight to 10 reps with a weight of your choice one to fi ve times week, and your bones will thank you. Try: A fi ve-pound Hex Dumbbell, $5, Eight-pound Hex Dumbbell, $8; Bill's Fitness Store, 4114 E. Washington Ave., Madison; (608) 241-3000. BRAVA Magazine October 2011 The benefi t: Yoga is great for maintaining strength and fl exibility as you age, and can be important for building balance and preventing falls later in life. (Those with osteoporosis are ad- vised to look to other activities to prevent injury.) Try: A cushioning yoga mat. Yoga strap, $7, mat, $10, both by Gaiam; Target locations.

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