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from our staff what I've learned this month... by Kristin Joiner A Journey Best Spent Together Th ere's a theme running through each story this month that we didn't anticipate. Whether our subjects were discussing re- lationships, the desire to reach out or what they learned when they did, they each sent back a similar message: No one walks their path alone. Newly minted Badger women's basket- ball head coach Bobbie Kelsey knows this. While sitting down to share her goals on and off the court, the conversation turned to relationships time and time again. Kelsey believes in a strength that comes from hav- ing a tight-knit group around you every step of the way (p. 40). Joan Kamholz knows this, too. A four- year survivor of breast cancer, her story begins our special feature in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A retired sheriff's deputy, Kamholz has taken on a new challenge since her diagnosis, bring- ing law enforcement agencies together to support the fi ght against cancer. Read her story on p. 52. Th en meet the local women who help cancer patients navigate a challenge many face—paying for the unexpected out-of- pocket costs to fi ght the disease. As our story unveils, the price tag to cope with cancer is astounding, but the people ready to help are plentiful (p. 56). Each year, we tell survivor stories, but sadly, we know that not all women di- agnosed will live. An estimated 40,000 women in the U.S. will die this year from breast cancer. We are honored to have the opportunity to tell the story of one of those women. After a 16-year fi ght against breast cancer, Shirley Brickl knows her journey is coming to an end. It's a story we chose to show the attitude, strength and spirit of women facing disease. As she explains, her message is about choosing how to live, and we thank her for telling it (p.60). Together, these women have a powerful message—and there is both comfort and strength in carrying their knowledge with us as we charge ahead. Sarah DeRoo Editor in Chief 8 Bison is less fatty per serving than chicken. Guess I can justify that chili dog after all—as long as I get it from Bison Jack's! "Chef's Corner," p. 69 Th e time Alison Jones Chaim fi nished working the night before her photo shoot and interview. It's nice to know we're not the only ones 3a.m. whose workday never seems to end at 5 p.m.! "Live in the Moment," p. 11 A reminder " " that if one woman can face cancer, I can face anything in my day-to- day: I've had to reach into my spirit and center there. It's not easy. Shirley Brickl, "Choosing Life," p. 60 $124 billion Amount Americans shelled out for cancer care in 2010 "Sticker Shock," p. 56 Michelle Reddington Publisher BRAVA Magazine October 2011 Cost to treat a breast cancer patient in later- stage treatment "Sticker Shock," p. 56 We Stand Corrected! In our September Live in Style section, we used the wrong title for Colleen Feucht, owner of About Face. She is a licensed aesthetician. We also stated About Face is the only skin care business in Madison offering Intraceutical Oxygen Infusion Facials. Locally, both About Face and Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center offer the treatment. Our sincerest apologies! $120,000

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