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Contributing Editor Laura de Gunzburg shares what she's looking forward to most this spring. PORTRAIT BY JASON RODGERS THE SEASON IN ART 102 CULTURED "The Guggenheim's On Kawara retrospective is the broadest survey of the artist's work since 1963. Living somewhere between the abstract and the representational, the centrality of text in On Kawara's work points to the rise of conceptual art, while his diaristic approach functions as a manifestation of the artist's consciousness." PHOTO COURTESY OF JEAN-BAPTISTE BERNADET AND AMERICAN CONTEMPORARY; PHOTO COURTESY OF THE ARTIST; COURTESY OF THE ARTIST AND THE JOURNAL GALLERY; PHOTO COURTESY OF DAVID ZWIRNER GALLERY Chris Succo's Instant Crush, 2014 On Kawara's MAY 20, 1981 "Wednesday." (pictured with artist-made cardboard storage box) Lawrence Abu Hamdan's Untitled Potato Chips (You have the right to remain silent), 2015 "Chris Succo explores the concept of 'originality' through the repetition of variant abstract forms. Succo's lacquered aluminum and oil on canvas may appear aesthetically minimal, however, each is a complex composition consisting of many layers. Keep your eyes peeled for such works in Succo's upcoming exhibition at New York's Journal Gallery, in May." Jea n-Baptiste Bernadet's Untitled (Fugue-XXXII), 2014 "Working with film stock as a starting point, Jeff Zilm focuses on the varia- tions and possibilities of a painting. Using detergent and acrylic paint, Zilm's approach to painting begins with the entire film's deconstruction, which he then transfers onto the canvas as a single composition." Jeff Zilm's The Errand Boy, 2014 Detail from Lawrence Abu Hamdan's Conflicted Phonemes, 2012, as illustrated by graphic designer Janna Ullrich "At the top of my list is the Guggenheim's upcoming 'On Kawara—Silence.' The other shows I'm looking forward to are by a number of young painters whose work reveal a tension between tight control of the paint and an exploration of the possibilities of the canvas." "The Armory Show introduced its annual Artist Commission in 2002, the sales of which benefit the Pat Hearn and Colin de Land Cancer Foundation and The Museum of Modern Art. This year's artist is Lawrence Abu Hamdan, an established political sound artist, working at the intersection of aesthetics and activism." "Although variations are visible to the naked eye in Bernadet's paint strokes, each finished work creates a single cohesive image. Bernadet's work reflects his unique process of painting; by means of overlap, negation

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