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Jessica Silverman is transforming the art scene in the Bay Area, developing emerging Californian artists and widening their scope to a global audience. Her eponymous gallery in San Francisco's Tenderloin district is also introducing local collectors to a broad range of global artists she's discovered, creating a platform for cultural dialogue and international exchange. This spring, the gallery will pr esent a solo exhibition with celebrated Vancouver artist Ian Wallace, a forerunner of photoconceptualism. The former artist also oversees the programming for fused space, an exhibition space hosted by designer Yves Béhar. Her 2013 show, "formal alchemy," explored the notion of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary through various conceptual processes and works by N. Dash, Amikam Toren and Nicole Wermers. JESSICA SILVERMAN I VIVIDLY REMEMBER AY-O'S WOODEN BOXES, which held various textures that I could put my finger inside and explore. One, which was covered in black tape to prevent me from playing with it, had a needle inside. IN MAY, THE GALLERY will participate in Frieze New York with an ambitious solo booth with Dashiell Manley, who will show a new film and a series of sculptures. PHOTO BY MARGO MORITZ (SILVERMAN); THE GILBERT AND LILA SILVERMAN FLUXUS COLLECTION GIFT © MULTIPLE ARTISTS (FLUXUS); COURTESY STAHL HOUSE; JESSICA SILVERMAN GALLERY Ay-O's Tactile Box, 1964 A WOMAN'S VIEW Samantha Tse talks to three young, ambitious gallerists who are making an imprint in contemporary art. These dealers will engage in endless art talk, but we wanted to find out a bit about their childhoo d, their dream homes and what they're up to outside the gallery walls. 126 CULTURED ONE OF MY EARLIEST ART MEMORIES is of my grandparents' Fluxus collection. I recall seeing not only Fluxus objects around the house but also works by Duane Hanson, Lucio Fontana and Janine Antoni and an extensive collection by Joseph Beuys. These objects had an early impression on me and have recently been donated to MoMA in New York. AT THE MOMENT, I AM presenting some new artists at fused space. Our upcoming show, "bare code scan" includes Lucie Stahl and Cooper Jacoby, who both travel between Europe and L.A. Our March exhibition will be a solo show with L.A.-based artist Erica Mahinay, who just had a wonderful solo show at T293 in Naples. Dashiell Manley's "Time seems sometimes to stop" at Jessica Silverman Gallery. ONE HOUSE THAT I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED and would be thrilled to live in is the Stahl House, (Case Study House No. 22). While it would not be the best house for hanging art, its soaring views of L.A. are incredible and mesmerizing. Erica Mahinay's Thin Skin #44 Fluxkit, 1965, part of the Fluxus collection from MoMA

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