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1 0 | BULLDOG | 2 0 1 5 V 1 W hen Mack owners' trucks need repair, they can be back in business with as little as one phone call to the Mack Uptime Center. The 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-per-year facility is staffed by customer support specialists dedicated to helping truckers reduce — or completely avoid — costly downtime. They understand that when a truck isn't running, it's not making money. "Essentially what we're doing is streamlining the process so our customers don't have to do the paperwork and be on the phone all day," says Shaun Collette, who has been a customer support specialist at the call center for almost two years. "That's what we're here for." /RFDWHGQH[WWR0DFNpVFRUSRUDWHRIƄFHVLQ Greensboro, N.C., the Uptime Center houses Mack's "total support" organization for customers. Collette is on the OneCall team — more than 40 highly trained product and customer support specialists who use Mack's advanced telematics technologies, such as Mack GuardDog Connect and Mack ASIST ƅHHWPDQDJHPHQWV\VWHPVWRKHOSSURDFWLYHO\ identify potential problems, schedule repairs and even line up the necessary parts. The process begins when a Mack customer uGULYHUGLVSDWFKHURUƅHHWPDQDJHUuFDOOV the Uptime Center. On this day, Collette answers a call from the driver of a Mack Granite with two issues: a power steering leak and an open service program, which is a software update. The driver knew about the leak, but a routine check of the truck's VIN YHKLFOHLGHQWLƄFDWLRQQXPEHUE\0DFNpV $6,67LPPHGLDWHO\ƅDJJHGWKHVRIWZDUH update. Collette refers to the two computer monitors on his desk, where the ASIST program provides a seamless communication platform between the service manager, the INSIDE MACK Help is one call away Customer support specialists at Mack's Uptime Center help keep trucks on the road and give customers peace of mind. By Sage Johnson

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