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22 STiR tea & coffee industry international World Briefs Boncafé Acquisition The Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group (MZB Group) announced it will acquire 100% ownership of Boncafé Group, a leader in Southeast Asia's & Middle East's gourmet coffee market. "With this acquisition," said Massimo Zanetti, president of the MZB Group "our group will have the opportunity for further expansion in the Asian market, ensuring our production and distribution capacity is sufficient to meet the growing demand for coffee in the area. " As a result of this deal, the MZB Group will reinforce its presence in these markets, with particular focus on Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. The deal, worth a total value of $85 million, includes the acquisition of the Boncafé roasting plants in Thailand and Singapore and takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the new regulations in the ASEAN Free Trade Area, effective January of 2016. Learn More: "Under August's leadership, Grounds for Health has contributed to transform the public health sector in many of the world's coffee-growing regions," said Frank Dennis, president of the board. During the past 18 years, he has focused on developing innovative service delivery models that motivate the non-state sector to provide high-quality, pro-poor services in developing countries. In this role, he has lived and worked in more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. "I am incredibly excited to be joining this vital organization," said Stallworthy. "For nearly 20 years, Grounds for Health has been partnering with coffee-farming communities to create locally sustainable early detection and treatment programs that reduce cervical cancer in low- resource settings." Learn more: Multi-Group Roya Research The Global Development Alliance will use almost $5 million to focus research efforts in coffee-producing regions of Central America, the Caribbean, and Peru. Led by the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, the project is co-funded by the Institute's World Coffee Research (WCR) program. Project partners include coffee research and development institutions from Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica (PROMECAFE), the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE), the Feed the Future initiative of the United States Agency for Interna- tional Development (USAID), the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD), and the Federal University of Viçosa. "PROMECAFE and WCR are confident in this GDA's ability to turn things around for the Central American coffee producer who has been hit hard with a double whammy of leaf rust and low prices," said Dr. Tim Schilling, executive director of World Coffee Research. "Central America must shoot for the higher end of the market and this GDA will allow that to happen by providing high quality, rust resistant varieties tailored for specific eco- geographic zones." Learn more: Boncafé gourmet coffees Change at Grounds for Change The board of directors of Grounds for Health, an NGO dedicated to creating sustainable and effective cervical cancer prevention and treatment programs in coffee-growing communities, announced that Guy Stallworthy, a senior program officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will be taking over as executive director in July from August Burns, who is retiring after having successfully led the organization for the past 10 years. Guy Stallworthy from Gates Foundation A roya-infected leaf Responsible Business Awards Ethical Corporation announced the awards ceremony for the 5th Annual Responsible Business Awards will take place Sept. 29 at Sheraton Park Line Hotel in London. The company provides business intelligence for sustainability and objective analysis for big businesses, NGOs, think-tanks, academia, govern- ments, and service providers to the corporate sustainability industry. In 2013, two companies with coffee brands made the list. Mars, a company that counts Alterra Coffee Roasters among its brands, won the award for Best Private Company. Nestlé, known for more than half a dozen lines including Nespresso, was "highly commended" for Best Supplier Engagement. Entries from commercial, public, Coffee Report Jenny Neill

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