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STiR tea & coffee industry international 15 flavourtech Processing Excellence The Spinning Cone Column makes it possible! www.fl √ Recover valuable tea aroma while brewing √ Continuous processing of tea slurry √ 25 second residence time √ Select YOUR preferred fl avour profi le PhotoVolt 580-PC PhotoVolt Instrument, a Minneapolis- based laboratory equipment manufacturer since 1939, recently introduced the 580-PC roast color classification system versatile enough to analyze roast ground, whole bean, and green coffee. The equipment made its debut at the Seattle SCAA. The 580-PC is capable of taking color reflectance readings of your coffee sample and then providing you with the SCAA value, explains PhotoVolt president Nick Jermihov. "The machine is highly accurate, provides high cost savings and has unique features not avail- able with any other product on the market," he said. Readings by the 580-PC are NIST traceable, meaning the color values are calibrated against the National Institute of Standards and Technologies in Washington D.C. Roast masters using the 580-PC find it easier to follow their roast profile and create consistent batches. The unit can be calibrated by the roaster to NIST standards within 1-2 minutes. "Whatever your need or desire in a color classification system is, we can make it happen" said Alex Hildreth, sales and research associate. "I love being able to get to know how different roastmasters use the instrument. I then take that information over to our software engineer and basically create the software around the needs of that roastmaster," said Hildreth. Learn more at: Bühler SORTEX B ColorVision Bühler has developed a sophisticated and flexible optical sorting solution in the SORTEX B ColorVision™ optical sorter. The sorter can detect a wide range of foreign material and subtle color defects, typically found in Arabica Coffee, such as discolored, immature, vinegar/foxy, and insect damaged (broca) coffee beans. The sorter offers a wide range of customizable product options, allowing coffee processors to meet their sorting requirements, at high processing speeds and with the lowest cost of ownership. "In today's margin-squeezed coffee sector, time is money and hand picking represents a further limitation to productivity," said Bühler global product manager Jose Rubens. "The SORTEX B ColorVision™ has been designed to sort a variety of coffees, enabling processors to achieve a high reject accuracy and process efficiency, ensuring a high yield of consistent quality end-product in one pass, with the minimum number of sorting modules, thus boosting their productivity and profit margins," said Lawrence Kuhn, Buhler Sortex territory manager for Africa. Learn more at: www. EQUIPMENT NEWS

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