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May 1

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Page 2 of 47 GOOD FRUIT GROWER MAY 1, 2015 3 Centerpiece: H-2A 24 With help, H-2A is doable Growers who have used the foreign-worker program advise getting the housing and transportation parts right. 26 Sharing workers saves costs There are several ways growers can share H-2A workers. 28 H-2A earnings help families Earning money in Washington helps workers improve their standard of living in Mexico. 29 Prepare for paperwork H-2A has its faults, but it's not about to go away. 30 Fixing H-2A Agricultural Employers new president sees it as top priority. Labor 8 Labor fl ow switches direction Changes in Mexico are reducing the pool of workers available to growers in the United States. 10 Lurking litigation Grower who spent years fi ghting frivolous lawsuit says attorneys are looking for opportunities to sue. 12 Child care and agriculture Solving farmworker child care needs will create labor opportunities in a shrinking pool of workers. 14 The role of supervisors Farm managers and crew leaders play an increasingly important role in recruiting and retaining workers. 16 Take a break Making workers take breaks is not always easy. 18 New way with H-2A Organizations work out ways to make H-2A labor program more user friendly. 20 Questions on health coverage Employers may be responsible for offering health insurance to seasonal workers, including guest workers. 22 Dealing with DACA Programs that allow undocumented workers to defer deportation present pitfalls to employers. 23 Lowering injuries The shift to pedestrian orchards gives workers a safer footing. 38 New farm-worker housing Facility opening in Cashmere, Washington, can house 200. Also in this issue 7 French apples come to U.S. Oversupply in European market has shippers looking for new outlets. 24 8 12 38

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