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May 1

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H-2A earnings help families T he H-2A foreign guest worker program can help growers secure enough workers to get their crops picked. But what does the program mean for workers? The Washington Farm Labor Association asked guest workers and domes- tic workers for their views. Their responses are translated from Spanish and match the photos clockwise from top. Leonardo from Durango, Mexico: I came to work here to help my sister Salia who is going to school. I have to work hard in order to help her so she can focus on her studies. God willing, I will be back next year. Miriam, domestic worker from Royal City, Washington: It's a good pro- gram for me and the boys (the foreign workers). They are good workers, and in this program I feel that we all get things explained better to us. I like that. Oscar from Guerrero, Mexico: One comes with the mentality to do some- thing in Mexico, like building a house or having a better economic status. I don't have a house right now. We (my family and I) live in a very simple house made of cardboard, and I want to make one out of solid materials. With the money I earn this year, I can return and build my home. Alfredo from Michoacán: The first time I came, I had just got married and didn't have a home. Now, I am able to buy things for my house and purchased a truck. If I hadn't come, I wouldn't have anything because unfortunately if you live in Mexico you live day by day. Aldo from Michoacán, Mexico: I can save money so I can continue my agricultural engineering studies when I return to Mexico. PHOTOS COURTESY OF WAFLA 28 MAY 1, 2015 Good Fruit Grower Labor

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