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May 15

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42 MAY 15, 2015 GOOD FRUIT GROWER A team of scientists at Washington State University is hoping to help orchardists identify and control little cherry disease, which has become a problem in all cherry growing areas of central Washington in recent years. Trees infected with the virus produce small, poorly colored cherries that lack sugar and have a bitter flavor. Three pathogens are associated with little cherry disease: Western X, little cherry virus strain 1, and little cherry virus strain 2. Little cherry virus 2 is the strain most commonly found in north central Washington and is the more severe of the two. Western X seems to be the predominant pathogen in the Tri Cities area. D u r i n g t h e N o r t h C e n t r a l W a s h i n g t o n Stone Fruit Day held in Wenatchee in January, postdoctoral research assistant Dr. Andrea Bixby-Brosi outlined a three-year research project that WSU launched last year with funding from the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission. The project also involves entomologist Dr. Elizabeth Beers, virologist Dr. Ken Eastwell, agricultural economist Dr. Karina Gallardo, and extension specialist Tim Smith. Brosi said the fast-spreading disease can have major economic consequences because of lost revenue on fruit that has to be left unpicked or is rejected at the pack- ing house and the cost of removing trees, if not entire orchards. Symptoms of little cherry disease can vary depending on the cultivar and the weather. Some infected trees don't show any symptoms, yet serve as a reservoir of the WSU team taking on CHERRY DISEASE Little cherry virus 2 is spread by mealybugs by Geraldine Warner Andrea Bixby-Brosi Cherries VAPOR GARD ® FOR CHERRIES SEE LABEL FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS N o G e n e r ic S u b s t i t u t e ! A CONSISTENT PERFORMER CONFIDENCE Comes from 40 years and over 150,000 acres treated with VAPOR GARD. That's why many Growers, Consultants, Pest Control Advisors and Packing Houses understand VAPOR GARD's BENEFITS and VALUE on CHERRIES. MILLER CHEMICAL & FERTILIZER LLC 800-233-2040 ➤Increased size & yield with early application ➤Reduced splitting from untimely rain ➤Increased shelf life for greener stems !"!" " ""! !"! ! "! """!!!" " ! !""!"" ! !" """!!!"!"""" !" "!"""!"!""! """""" " """" "! !"" " !"!" " " "! " " !"" !" !""" ! "" !!! "!" !"" ! """!!"""! !"" ! ! "" " "" " " !" !!""" " !

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