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December 2011

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IN THE BOX Want to share your opinion? Write us at 105 S. 18th St., #217 Yakima, WA 98901 or e-mail growing@ Red Macs, please! R Northeast McIntosh Dear Good Fruit Grower: eally good article on East Malling in the October Good Fruit Grower. BUT, next time you put a picture of McIntosh on your cover, please use some red ones like we grow in the Northeast. Jon Clements University of Massachusetts Where's the red? Dear Good Fruit Grower: found out they were McIntosh, YIKES. That picture is a great example of why Washington [State} should not grow Macs. [Like] the old Wendy's lady used to say, "Where's the red?" Jim Allen President, New York Apple Association J I Get rid of those Macs Dear Good Fruit Grower: am a long-time subscriber to Good Fruit Grower magazine. I look for- ward to each issue and the articles inside. We are a small (by Washington State standards) diversified fruit farm in New Hampshire. I always look at the cover and then turn to the "Last Bite" page before actually reading the magazine page by page. I was most impressed with the "Last Bite" in September about McIntosh apples. Then I got the Octo- ber issue, and, in all honesty, I had to open to the index page and check the cover photo credits, to see if I was really looking at McIntosh apples. I propose the following and back it up with pictures: I will stop growing the Red Delicious (as pictured) if whoever grew those McIntosh will reciprocate. As you can see, we grow Macs that look a little bit better than the ones on the cover, Red Delicious grown in New Hampshire and Reds that are…well, they taste good, anyhow. And, oh, if you guys are wondering, yes, 16 inches of snow and a predicted 16°F tonight, October 30, will probably remind us in New Hampshire why we should not plant too many Fuji or Pink Lady. I think I can write them off for this year. Keep up the good work, and let me know when to take the chain saw to those Reds. Chuck Souther New Hampshire 6 DECEMBER 2011 GOOD FRUIT GROWER McIntosh grown in New Hampshire October issue cover prompts firestorm of regional pride and competitiveness. ust a comment about the cover picture on the October Good Fruit Grower.At first when I saw it, I thought they were Granny Smith with a blush or Rosy Smith, but when I courtesy jon clements courtesy chuck souther courtesy chuck souther

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