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December 2011

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WE MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER! BROWNIE TREE PLANTER HYDRAULIC WORK PLATFORM A properly planted tree produces like no other. The new Brownie features: • Three-wheel drive for maximum traction. • Swing bucket to save time and increase mobility. Planting crew puts in tall, potted vines. SUPER VINES work as replants V ineyard developer Bill Henri initially used super tall grapevine plants for interplanting, and found they worked well when planted next to a mature vine as a replant or for interplanting in a vineyard with low-density spacing. "They're fantastic for interplants because you don't have to deal with competition down the row and they're not overshadowed by the mature vines," said Henri. "You don't have to baby them—they're just like regular vines in the vineyard." When Henri first used the four- to five-feet tall pot- ted grapevines, the plants had a steep cost because of the low number of vines being purchased. The cost of around $6 apiece made growers gasp, he said. But after penciling out the actual costs involved with establish- ing a replant or interplant, Henri estimated that he saved about $20 per plant each year. "You don't have to treat them with kid gloves. It's not very efficient to have your workers drive up and down the rows on a quad to find the little plants and give them special care," he said. Henri had such good results with interplanting that he believed the tall grapevines would work on a large, commercial scale planting. He has now planted two large vineyards with the super big plants and has the ground prepped for a third planting in 2012. —M. Hansen Henri estimated he saves between $4,000 to $5,000 an acre in labor costs over several years. "That's $600,000 saved for the 150-acre vineyard I recently planted." The super big vines will produce enough of a crop in the second year to justify harvest and begin returning money on the grower's investment, he added. Future trend Henri believes the super vines will be the next big change that takes place in the wine grape industry. He pointed out that California growers used to graft in the field—until they figured the full costs of grafts that didn't take and lost production and realized it was more efficient to buy bench grafts from nurseries. "This is a more efficient and more cost-effective way to establish a vineyard," he proclaimed, adding that a large grape operation in Delano, California, has started using the super vines. "This industry doesn't make changes unless it improves quality or is economically driven," he said. Henri, who is willing to share his big vine experience with others, can be contacted at (707) 227-4480. His e-mail is • Over 140 units already sold! We use these quality components: • James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding • Jeld-Wen windows with double-strength glass • Copper water lines • Large capacity water heaters With 20 years' experience here in the Valley to service your product GOOD FRUIT GROWER DECEMBER 2011 61 We have several floor plans approved by the Washington State Department of Health– fully self-contained units, and dormitory only. They include: • showers • toilets/sinks • kitchen with appliances - GE • eating area • sleeping area • social area • plumbed for washer/dryer Experienced in building H-2A Housing– We are the only factory HUD code builder in Washington. • Pedal control leaves hands free for pruning and picking. • Adjustable tree depth. •Works on stony and tough ground. • Shoe swings for handling. • Electronic distance marker also available. WE OFFER A FULL LINE OF FRUIT & VEGETABLE EQUIPMENT: Box Rotator Box Shuttle Double Fork Ground Hog Frost Fan Economy LIft 3-pt. Forks 3-pt Hi Lift Conveyors Freight-Mate Durand Wayland Sprayers PHIL BROWN WELDING CORP. Phone (616) 784-3046 • Fax: (616) 784-5852 • 4689—8 Mile Rd NW, Conklin, Michigan 49403 Growers: Attract and maintain a steady labor force by offering on-farm housing that sleeps up to 20 workers in high quality, low maintenance structures. Versatile unit can be mounted on any available running gear or optional trailer. The Great Lakes Expo See Us At Booths #638-642 and 711-715 bill heNri

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