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John Mascaro is President of Turf-Tec International As you may have guessed, these brown parallel lines are tire tracks. This NFL practice football field is Patriot bermudagrass overseeded with ryegrass. The field directly next to this field is also Patriot bermudagrass; however it is not overseeded with ryegrass. The Sports Turf Manager applied a Sulfonylurea herbicide to the bermudagrass field to control Poa Annua weeds and to clean up ryegrass in the non-overseeded field. After the application, someone with a utility vehicle decided to take a shortcut across the sprayed field and continued across the overseeded field, track- ing the Sulfonylurea herbicide across the ryegrass. A few days later, the damage appeared and remained visible through the winter months. The Sports Turf Manager tried to mask the lines with another light overseed- ing, however this area is a high traffic area for the defensive line and the seed was trampled as soon as it germinated. Once the springtime came, the bermudagrass came out of dormancy and the lines disappeared. Photo Submitted by Darian Daily, Head Grounds Keeper at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH. John Mascaro's Photo Quiz Answers from page 17 July 2015 | SportsTurf 29 If you would like to submit a photograph for John Mascaro's Photo Quiz please send it to John Mascaro, 1471 Capital Circle NW, Ste # 13, Tallahassee, FL 32303 call (850) 580-4026 or email to If your photograph is selected, you will receive full credit. All photos submitted will become property of SportsTurf magazine and the Sports Turf Managers Association.

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