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A s a professional speaker with more than 30 years of experi- ence, I am frequently asked to train folks on how to do public speaking. Did you know that within my first sentence I offered three distinct types of speaking; professional speaker, training and public speaking? Here is the difference between the three: A trainer is an instructor of tech- niques/skills and content on a specific subject. Trainers are typically paid a fee by a company, association or college. A public speaker is someone who speaks in public and often is not paid for his/her appearances. They deliver speeches that promote a particular cause, company, or organization. A professional speaker is paid a fee for performances by a company, association, or a college. Many folks use these titles interchange- ably, yet they are distinctly different. There are different types of speeches: persuasive, instructional, motivational, etc. Knowing the type of speech you will be giving will be advantageous in preparing for that speech and will be covered later. OVERCOMING SPEECH ANXIETY Let's start with what most speakers and trainers fear: speech anxiety. There are two types of speaker anxiety, situational and trait. Situational anxiety is caused by factors in a specific situation; trait anxiety is something you bring with you. Speech anxiety is normal. Even veteran speakers have speech anxiety to some degree. The trick is to keep the anxiety manageable. Remember, no audience wants a speech to be a dud. They are on the speaker's side. Another thought that may help with your preparation and anxiety would be to consider that every speech you give is an opportunity for you to showcase what you know and have to offer others. TIPS TO MANAGE SPEECH ANXIETY Think of a very funny event in your 32 SportsTurf | July 2015 PUBLIC SPEAKING BOOT CAMP FACILITY & OPERATIONS ■ BY JERRY BALISTRERI Knowing your intended outcome of the speech can also be a great way to help you organize your thoughts and content for the speech. Jerry Balistreri IMAGE ©ISTOCKPHOTO/AJPHOTO

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