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work up the ladder A Fresh Perspective Spruce up your workspace with a touch of greenery (no green thumb required) Plant Like a Pro Temper your expectations: Under artifi cial lighting, most plants grow slowly. Don't expect speedy growth, and plan to adjust your watering and care accordingly. Watch the watering: Most plants aren't looking for a daily shower. To ensure your greenery needs a drink, you'll have to get your hands (mildly) dirty. Feel the soil with a fi nger. If it's moist, leave the plant alone. But if it's dry about an inch below the surface, then it's time for a watering. Most plants only need enough water to dampen the soil. If water runs down into the pot saucer, simply dump the water out. The aver- age watering cycle for an indoor plant should be about seven to 10 days. Keep it warm: The kiss of death for most plants is being left in tempera- tures under 60 degrees for any length of time. Even if the offi ce will be closed for several days, leave the thermostat above 60 degrees. Bold appeal: (above) Go big with the Dracaena War- neckii, a striking accent known for growing well under the artifi cial light of an offi ce. Plant, $25, pot, $20. Go wild: (left) Add an exotic touch to a stuffy indoor space with an easy-to-maintain Neanthe bella palm. Plant, $11, pot, $16. All plants and pottery available at Johannsen's Green- houses, 2600 W. Beltline Hwy., Madison; (608) 271-6211. 34 BRAVA Magazine January 2012 Look for natural light: Though many plants can survive for years in artifi cial light, try to keep plants as close to a natural light source as possible for maximum health. Keep it clean: If the long leaves of a plant become dusty, wipe gently with a damp washcloth. Add greenery expert to your résumé with Karen Johannsen's (of Johan- nen's Greenhouses) easy tips for keeping plants healthy indoors Photo by Shanna Wolf

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