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Continuing Education Special Advertising Section One Night A Week Can Change Your Life! The Growing Need for Health Care Professionals By Dr. Carrie Buri and Linda Donoghue Images of health care needs are every- where: from elderly people obtaining fl u shots at the local drug store to children lined up at the school nurse offi ce being checked for runny noses and coughs. Th e media is fi lled with news about health care concerns including the fi nancial realities of increased insurance premiums, com- pensation and distribution of services and resources, and reported shortages in the health care workforce. Health care requires professional and technical degrees to at- tend to patient needs in clinical settings, but all health care institutions need ad- ministrators and managers to oversee and supervise their processes and departments that support all aspects of patient care. With the growing need for health care Undergraduate Degrees: • Accounting • Business Management • Criminal Justice Management • Health Care Management • Human Resource Management • Liberal Arts 52 BRAVA Magazine January 2012 Graduate Degrees: • MBA 11 Concentrations • Master of Science in Education 4 Concentrations • Teacher Certification Program 608.277.7900 Call To Get Started Today! professionals, health care management and administration degree programs can be a welcome path into a rewarding health care career. Colleges and universities have long recognized the need to develop and provide the best curriculum to educate this work- force and emphasize supervisory skills, which are essential in order to understand, make decisions, and direct change within the health care setting. Students enrolled in a health care program can expect to de- velop knowledge and skills that will en- able them to work in various capacities in clinics, hospitals, hospice centers, adult activity centers, community health care organizations, wellness centers and nurs- ing homes. Health care providers need you. Get your health care career started today. Th e Dane County area offers a great deal of options for those seeking associates, bachelors and masters degree programs in health care concentrations. Want to learn more? Call a qualifi ed admissions counselor or student advisor at an accredited college or univer- sity to fi nd out how you can enter the re- warding fi eld of healthcare. Dr. Carrie Buri is the center director and Linda Donoghue is the admissions coun- selor at Concordia University Wisconsin- Madison, 2909 Landmark Pl., Madison; (608) 277-7900.

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