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48 tobaccoasia SASIB Re-invents Itself SASIB with its new SMK has introduced a ciga- rette maker with some the highest technological contents on the market for low- and medium- speed categories. SMK represents a significant innovation for this market sector. The new cigarette maker has been the first step in SASIB's relaunch plan following the company's takeover by G.D, a member of the Coesia Group. The relaunch program includes upgrading exist- ing models and developing new models in close technical and commercial collaboration with G.D. The SMK was released as an independent de- sign to confirm and strengthen the technical virtu- osity of SASIB while maintaining the company's independence and developing its innovative engi- neering qualities. Engaging the market in its increasing variations, SASIB has launched the SFT filtered tube maker. The SFT filtered tube packer from SASIB. SASIB's new SMK maker with a focus on medium-fast making. Unlike the traditional G.D double rod ma- chines, the new SASIB model is a single rod ciga- rette maker available in two distinct versions: one produces up to 7,000 cigarettes per minute (cpm) and the other up to 8,500 cpm. The machine is newly designed from the ground up with consoli- dated innovative technology. The innovations re- sult in a machine with the quality and flexibility required in current markets, making it a leader in these production speed categories. Some machine sections have been significantly upgraded to increase product quality: the hopper, which according to SASIB is the widest in this market segment, was designed for more delicate tobacco fiber handling. This results in low dete- rioration levels and improved tobacco distribution inside the cigarette. Cutting head double blades and advanced control systems are said to regulate cigarette weight and ventilation levels. The SMK provides sincere flexibility attrib- uted to pioneering machine modules for standard cigarette production and for slim and superslim cigarettes. The SMK, as well, offers menthol or kretek options. Another option, extra flexibility kit (EFK), allows improved change-over times from full flavor to light flavor format and vice versa. According to SASIB the SMK can further be fitted with a range of optional features that in sum makes this new machine a strong contender for meeting the range of customers' current needs and market demands. Indicative of its flexibility, SA- SIB notes that a significant number of SMK mak- ers have already been installed in various cigarette factories in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. As well as the cigarette maker, the SASIB line also includes hard and soft packers. The company is present too in emerging market niches such as for filter mechanisms for cigarettes without tobacco. Notice is made of the SASIB SFT line incorporating both makers and packers that features a reduced factory floor foot- print and accelerated size-group changeover. Up Close on Make/Pack By Jonathan MakePack

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