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52 tobaccoasia By Allen Liao Changde Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd. (CDTM) in Changde City of south central China's Hunan Province – a leading Chinese tobacco machinery manufacturer – has been striving to step up its business development through innovation and technological transformation over recent years. Along with full-scale fulfillment of the Chinese tobacco industry priority task "to promote ciga- rette production and marketing to higher levels", we well as with continued restructuring and up- grading of cigarette brands in China over the past few years, local tobacco manufacturing enterprises have had increasingly individualized and different demands for tobacco machinery. Under such circumstances, CDTM focused its energy on both innovation and promotion of technological transformation and upgrading its ex- isting tobacco machinery. The company wants to strengthen its capacity of guaranteeing the supply of advanced tobacco machinery. Continued presentation of new products Last March 28, the prototype of a new cigarette rolling and tipping unit independently developed by CDTM, known as ZJ118, passed an internal design verification and review process. During the next stage, the prototype of ZJ118 will be deliv- ered to a user for a test-run. With a designed production speed of 8,000 cigarettes per minute, ZJ118 is a new type of ciga- rette rolling and tipping machine, development by Changde based on its ZJ112 model. The ZJ118 adopts a brand-new electronic control system, Changde Tobacco Machinery: Development Through Innovation and Transformation noise reduction technology, and a new design. As a result, the new machine is rather significantly su- perior to its predecessors in terms of stability, op- erability, maintenance, energy conservation, noise reduction, automation, etc. It is capable of effec- tively meeting the market demand for the supply of advanced tobacco machinery and further en- riching the line of products of cigarette rolling and tipping machinery manufactured in China. In early 2014, Changde's general technological scheme for developing a new generation of ciga- rette rolling and tipping machinery with a speed of 12,000 cigarettes per minute passed stringent appraisal test by a panel of experts. It was reported that during its development, CDTM will adopt the most advanced technological achievements pres- ently available, including some that have been ex- clusively developed and patented by the company. The development of the machine is a major step for the company to realize its strategy and plan for new products development. Passing the stringent review by experts has laid a solid foundation for designing new products during the next stage. In December 2013, the project of developing the TJ91 cigar wrapper forming machine imple- mented by Changde passed expert appraisal for technical acceptance. In conducting the appraisal, the expert panel unanimously agreed that the de- velopment of the TJ91 reached the technological requirement of the contract for the execution of the project, and that its leading technological and economic indexes reached the advanced levels of similar products manufactured abroad. This ZJ118 is a new type of cigarette rolling and tipping machine based on the ZJ112 unit, independently developed by Changde Tobacco Machinery.

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