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tobaccoasia 27 Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG Alt-Ulmer-Straße 89542 Herbrechtingen Germany Phone +49 (0) 73 24 /15-0 Fax +49 (0) 73 24 /15-2 80 Quality Service Research and Development Fit for Future Made in Germany ... endless reliability! The secrets of our success ... 12 – 14 May 2015 Greater Richmond Convention Centre, Virginia, USA Stand H06 Visit us at: The secrets of The secrets of our success The secrets of our success ... Quality Service 12 – 14 May 2015 Greater Richmond Convention Visit us at: photos courtesy of Relaxo Technology Co. Ltd. There are today without doubt millions of people around the globe who enjoy their "vaping", relishing aromas like water melon, bourbon vanilla, Caribbean rum, chocolate mint, cheese- cake, and anything in-between. But there are also the other countless millions of smokers who never warmed up to inhaling nicotine-laced cherry soda or margarita-flavored vapors in the first place. They either didn't switch to e-cigarettes at all or – after a short experimental stint as "vaporados" – went back to regular cigarettes, disappointed, disenchanted, and downright dissatisfied with the entire e-smoking hype. A New Concept Is Born Something had to be done, and quickly. Once again the creative juices in the development departments of many of the mostly Shenzhen-based Chinese e-smoking companies began to flow. But brains also stormed in the hallowed halls of some multinational tobacco firms. The logical solution to the dilemma of how to bring genuine tobacco taste to e-smoking without abandoning the technology altogether seemed to be to develop a hybrid device that combined the taste sensation of burning tobacco leaf with the perceived health advantages im- parted by vaping. The brand new principle of "heat not burn" took its first baby steps and was eagerly welcomed with open arms by the smoking community. Philip Morris Takes the Lead… According to its own statements, it took Philip Morris Inter- national Inc. 10 years of r&d and a hefty US$2 billion in in- vestments to finally launch its long awaited iQOS smokeless cigarette in late 2014. At first glance looking pretty much like a second-generation vaporizer, it is in fact an analog cigarette/ electronic cigarette hybrid of the type already described. Instead of e-liquid it uses a pre-fabricated "mini cigarette" made of real tobacco and called "HeatStick". Sold under the Marlboro brand, it is inserted into the device's vaporizing cham- ber. Soaked with propylene glycol to aid evaporation, the tobacco is heated by the device to around 350 degrees Celsius. This is way lower than the typically 800 degrees at which tobacco in a traditional cigarette burns, but still sufficiently hot to evaporate the more volatile substances like nicotine and, indeed, all those Relaxo Technology's IMAG 2 James Yang, c.e.o., Relaxo Technology Co. Ltd.

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