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tobaccoasia 29 photos courtesy of Relaxo Technology Co. Ltd. the same non-combustion principle utilized in the IMAG 2 and is manufactured with high-tech materials like ceramic and carbon fibers. The company has also solved the nagging problem of brand compatibility as far as cartomizers for regular vaping are con- cerned, an issue that has bogged down the industry for years and potentially hampered growth. Pretty much every manufac- turer seems to insist on using their own battery threading sys- tem, which basically forces consumers who purchased a certain vaporizer model to stick with cartomizers manufactured by the same company, because other cartridge brands simply won't fit. "But IMAG 2 uses 510 threading, which provides a lot of vap- ing flexibility as it makes the model universally compatible with a huge variety of cartomizers. This is important, because you don't have to stick with the same branded cartomizers just be- cause you are using that kind of battery," said James Yang. Early Bird Gets the Worm But reverting back to "heat not burn", Yang asserted that his company was one of the earliest Chinese manufacturers to rec- ognize this new vaping trend. "Many consumers are open to a trade-off between health and taste. Heat-not-burn devices can provide exactly that, because they are less harmful [to one's health] than traditional cigarettes, yet more satisfying [in terms of taste] than e-liquid vaping," he said. "From our perspective, it is simply the most important market trend that is currently going on, particularly after Philip Morris International launched its new iQOS device and Marlboro HeatSticks." Relaxo Technology particularly keeps a keen eye on the European and North American markets, where the company predicts the heat-not-burn trend to come into full swing very soon. "The consumer adoption curve for new products such as e-cigarettes or vaporizers varies across different regions due to different consumer behavior, cultural backgrounds, and last but not least, government regulations. But in my opinion, Europe and North America will be leading in terms of 'heat-not-burn' vaporizer market penetration in the near future, so that's where we are going to focus our marketing efforts," concluded James Yang and asserted that in 2015 his company projects "a sales volume increase of 100% or more compared to last year. The Relaxo Technology marketing team

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