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tobaccoasia 21 Nitrosamines One of the findings Dr. Farsalinos presented at the Forum was about nitrosamines, a main carcinogen found in tobacco ciga- rette smoke. An analysis he and Prof. Ricardo Pollosa did of previous studies measuring nitrosamines in e-cigarettes and in tobacco cigarettes showed that the average e-cigarette user gets about 52 nanograms (ng) of nitrosamines per day, which is al- most the same as the amount found in pharmaceutical nicotine gum. However, tobacco cigarette smokers get 50,000-94,000 ng of nitrosamines per day, approximately 1,800 times more than e-cigarettes. Or, as Dr. Farsalinos said, "With one day of smok- ing you get what you would get from six years of vaping. So it's a huge, huge benefit for switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes in terms of nitrosamines, one of the most important carcinogens in cigarette smoke." Research findings by Dr. Farsalinos and his team that were published as recently as March 2015 focused on nitrates and phenols, two other carcinogenic compounds. In this latest study, they tested 21 e-liquid samples and found that the levels of nitrate and phenols were 150-1,500 times lower in e-cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes. "Why do e-cigarettes exist? Basically because medicine has failed," said Dr. Farsalinos. "The NRTs, the nicotine replace- ment therapies, the gums and patches that we all know, have a success rate of 6% or even less than that. The only medica- tions that have been approved for use as smoking cessation medications, they also have very low success rates, less than 20%. I think that e-cigarettes have a role to play as a substitute for smoking." Formaldehyde Countering the findings of a recent study that said e-cigarettes contained 15 times higher levels of formaldehyde than conven- tional cigarettes, Dr. Farsalinos shared some details of one of his latest studies that show very different results. DEFINE YOUR BRAND SUPER SLIM CORINTHIAN For your brand to stand out in the growing Super Slim marketplace, it needs to look di‚erent, taste di‚erent, and be di‚erent. Which means it needs to be a Super Slim Corinthian …lter from Essentra. The Super Slim Corinthian isn't just di‚erent. It's unique, and patent-pending – with Œutes that not only give it a stand-out appearance, but also deliver a special and satisfying smoking experience. Made with Essentra's advanced acetate shaping technology, the Œutes of the Super Slim Corinthian …lter are strong enough to resist crushing during manufacture or smoking. And they o‚er the greatest channel de…nition available. The Super Slim Corinthian can be combined with other …lter segments for extra performance or added Œavour, or – for a look that's even more di‚erent – a distinctive recess can be included. So if you want to de…ne your brand, the multi-segment Super Slim Corinthian …lter is the de…nitive answer. Find out more at www.essentra… or email enquiries@essentra… Formeldahyde. Dr. Farsalinos' study counters the findings of another recent study claiming that e-cigarettes contain up to 15 times higher levels of formaldehyde than conventional cigarettes.

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