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tobaccoasia 29 Hank Yao, vice-president of Hangsen, another top manufacturer of e-liquids, pointed out an inter- esting fact about "made in China" goods and the misperception such goods receive. "I think it's an issue or a point of view that has been formed for so many years. We do understand that China has exported problematic products to Europe and the US. Nobody will deny that. But, we also understand there are some companies that are here for the long run, for example, Huawei, and Lenovo. There are more and more Chinese brands that are appearing in the world market. I'm sure going forward there will be more and more popular Chinese manufac- turers or companies that will become well-known in the US, Europe, and the rest of Asia and will demonstrate our capabilities to manufacture quality products. In fact, the majority of the products that Europe and the US are consuming actually already come from China, for example Apple products or other electronic products." As for what Hangsen does to counter the misperception, Yao said, "What we need to do for every customer that we come across is to welcome them to visit us because we believe seeing is believ- ing. It's only when you see this [production facil- Dekang's DeCloud Shisha Fruits ity] that you will believe this is the proper thing. We know that there are a lot of manufacturers in the US and in Europe who produce their liquids in their bathtub or a small lab that's no bigger than [a small meeting room] with a few small tanks. Do you believe that because it's made in the UK such a small lab will have better quality control than [Hangsen's] facility? I don't think so. But it's a

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